Client & Reader Success

northern mn whitetail success

Steve and Eric's 2014 Family Northern MN Whitetail Success

Roughly 5 years ago Steve and Eric contacted me to hire my services for their Northern MN wilderness parcel. The habitat consisted of mature pines, marshes, slight hardwood remote points, and recent logging activities with a LOT of potential!

nw il monster buck

Greg's Northwest IL Monster Bucks

"I bought a farm in northwestern Illinois in early 2011. I hired Jeff because I wanted the benefit of his expertise and to avoid years of trial and error by planning everything myself. In fact, I hired him for more days than he recommended because I knew that the more time he spent on my land with me,...

immediate design success

Dave's Immediate Design Success in MI

"In 2013 I thought I would implement some property improvements including an 8 acre NWSG planting and about 2 acres of food plots. By the fall of 2013, I had counted over 18 different bucks on my trail cameras!

mature buck success story

1997 Michigan Archery Mature Buck Success Story

From the late 80s until I moved to the UP of MI in 1998, one of my favorite Summer activities was to drive to the "Thumb" area of Southern MI near Cass City, and watch the bucks move into the fields during the evening.

archery mature buck success

Brad's 2014 WI Archery Mature Buck Success

Brad is one of those clients who has worked extremely hard to complete his plan, and his efforts have been rewarded! Funny how that works, but a consistent pattern of success I see is that you can create your own level of luck, depending on how much you work.

southern mi mature buck

1993 Southern MI Mature Buck Success

We all go through the growing pains of whitetail hunting, don't we? This buck represented a several year list...of growing pains!

rich's wi and mi parcel success

Rich's WI and MI Micro Parcel Success

"I hired Jeff Sturgis to help design my families 20 acre hunting property because we were not seeing deer during hunting season.

scott's first year wi giant

Scott's First Year WI Deer Corridor Giant

"I would like to thank Jeff Sturgis for helping me harvest my best buck to date. After coming to my property in March, Jeff laid out a plan for me by constructing travel corridors by hinge cutting...

scott's mi buck success

Steve's 40 Acre Mature Buck MI Success

I hired Jeff to design my property in December 2010. Jeff helped me with stand locations, stand access, bedding areas, food plots and travel corridors.

Wpid Img 20130709 100948 611

Northeast WI Heavy Timber Design

I had been planting and hunting food plots for 10 years on my 120 acres with the results being one buck in the 120 class. A friend of mine attended a class on whitetail habit manipulation.

matt's mi success

Matt's Southern MI Small Cover Success

"I decided to change the way I hunted whitetail deer after years of harvesting 1.5 year old bucks on my property in Macomb County. I did not have a clear direction or plan to get the ball rolling so I began to research those in the know.

mature buck

Kansas and Iowa Mature Buck Consistency

"I first read about Jeff on the Michigan Sportsman forum. I heard nothing but good things and what interested me about Jeff was that he was willing to educate hunters thru his blogs and posts on these forums.