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Brad's 2014 WI Archery Mature Buck Success

archery mature buck success

Brad's Story

Brad is one of those clients who has worked extremely hard to complete his plan, and his efforts have been rewarded! Funny how that works, but a consistent pattern of success I see is that you can create your own level of luck, depending on how much you work. I love Brad's updates and frequent texts regarding his quick questions or comments throughout the year, as he spends time in the whitetail woods.

Brad was following the cold fronts and chose a perfect early season evening to take advantage of cold conditions and calming winds. This was a 4 year old Brad has been watching for the past 2 years and the buck followed the script for an efficient harvest while the buck traveled on a long, narrow food plot on the way to a large evening destination field. Outstanding job Brad...thanks a lot for the update and letting me take part in the enjoyment of the hunt!

Hunting and Habitat Design Strategies That Contributed to Brad's 2014 WI Archery Mature Buck Success, READ HERE:
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From Brad

"When Jeff visited my land for consultation there were many things I started to work on after the visit. I added a 20 acre CRPWSG bedding / cover field. After 2 yrs of the field being establishedI could tell more deer frequented and bedded in it. Another thing Jeff suggested was that I implement a long and narrow food plot that started and work its way past bedding areas that eventually ended upat a destination plot. He also suggested a certain mix offoodto grow and when they will mature so that the deer will utilize them at more predictable time. Long and thinis what works best. While setting up the long and narrow food plot we also selected certain high percentage tree stand locations that were easy to get in and out of so the possibility of bumping deer were very low. I now have7 more prime stand locations to hunt from. One of the few things I need to work on is hinge cutting in the woodsand creating Islands in the WSG fields for more bedding and creating more layers of bedding. By creating many small islands next tothe food plot the does and fawns will take up residence there and by creating more islandsout farther in the grass fields I am creating more layers of bedding for older bucks. I noticed more mature bucks on my property after the second yr. Since 2011 I shot a 19pt, 14 pt and an 8pt on my property sitting from new stand setups that Jeff suggested. I truly believe that if you work hard at implementing the improvements that Jeff suggests, your property will always continue to become better. So far these are the things that have worked for me. It does not take long to tell the difference. Thanks Jeff!!!"


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