Premier Whitetail Hunting, Herd and Habitat Strategies

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5 Tips for an Early Season Bowhunting Buck

Would you like to connect on an early season monster buck with a bow? 1. Covering your corners by trail cam 2. Sound proofing your access, gear and stand locations 3. Scent proofing your stand locations 4. Scent proofing your stand location access AND 5. Learning weather patterns for success, will each help you hone in on

number of trail cams

How Many Trail Cams Should You Have

While there is no set number of trail cams that you should have per acre, there are some very important strategies that can help guide you to your answer, including: How defined are the daily deer movements on your land? The more defined that your deer habitat and deer movements are, the fewer cameras that you need per acre.

2018 whitetail rut benefit

Hunting the 2018 Rut - Benefit Event

Would you like to learn how to plan for and hunt the 2018 Whitetail Rut, while raising money for a great cause? Then make sure to visit Lacrosse Archery on 10/17 from 7-9pm! Over $3000 in door prizes will be given away and 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Camp Kicking Bear.

early season whitetail

#1 Early Season Whitetail Opportunity

What is the most important aspect of tommorow's highly anticipated, nearly perfect whitetail weather forecast? It is now the PERFECT day to hit the woods and here are the reasons why!

archery sit alert

Important September 21st Archery Sit Alert!

When daytime highs drop from 89 degrees into the high 60s, deer will be on their feet and you should be in a treestand! This week's weather forecast is bringing an outstanding time for you to be in the deer woods and these are the same conditions that you should be looking for, to guide you to success all season long.

Highly Efficient Buck Scouting Tip

Hands-on Hunting and Habitat Design

Creating the Optimal Whitetail Design

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