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deer bedding canopy

Deer Bedding Canopy Myth

Would you like to make the most out of your hard-earned deer habitat improvement time? Then now is the time for you to learn about the deer bedding canopy myth! Creating deer bedding areas has been a hot topic for many years, however, not all bedding areas are created equal.

trail cam location

Maximizing Your Trail Cam Location Strategy

Where and how you place your trail cam can lead to random glimpses or a world of opportunity. This is how we use one trail cam to take a census of nearly every buck within the neighborhood! Are you getting the most out of your trail cam location strategy?

hunt for a target buck

When the hunt for a target buck is over - Diego

When the hunt for a target buck is over, what do you do next?

waterhole for deer

#1 Waterhole Rule For Deer

Where appropriate, a waterhole for deer can rule the habitat for one of the best locations to ambush a mature buck. However, when it comes to whitetail waterholes, you have to follow the 1 basica rule...

Lenemen Prop

Personal Responsibility for Whitetails – DNR Blame Game

Brace yourselves, I may ruffle some feathers, but this is an article I feel needs to be written. I think it’s time for hunters to realize their personal responsibility when it comes to managing whitetails. It has unfortunately become the norm to blame the DNR for every shortcoming of whitetail management and hunting efforts.

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