Premier Whitetail Hunting, Herd and Habitat Strategies

deer to food plots

Attracting Deer To Food Plots During Shooting Hours

There are 4 important steps to attracting deer to your food plots during the shooting hours, and not during the night. Non invasive hunting access, hunting pressure, daytime browse, consistent food plot forage attraction and secure habitat to and from your food plots for the local deer herd, are all necessary to make sure...

annual rut predictions

Mock Scrape Annual Rut Predictions

When you have created a system of annual buck movement including bedding areas, travel corridors and food sources, placing one mock scrape and one trail camera in the middle of it all, can predict much more than just what bucks are in that exact area.

deer beds

Deer Beds That Fit Your Land

What may be a great buck bedding area in one region may be a failure in another. The success of the bedding areas that you create will not hinge on the type of cut you make, but on the amount of space that you leave for deer to travel through, relative to what the local deer have become accustomed to.

fall trail cam location

Summer vs Fall Trail Cam Location Strategies

Is you favorite Fall trail cam location working for you all year long? In the vast majority of hunting season trail cam hotspots, it most likely will not. Just like high quality whitetail parcels, your most important trail cam locations should be built for the Fall, and not for the Summer.

stay off deer parcel

When To Stay OFF Your Deer Parcel

"When should I stay off of my deer parcel", may be the #1 question that I receive from clients, readers and viewers from around the country. The answer may surprise you.

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