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whitetail browse

Critical Whitetail Browse Strategy

Creating deer browse is important but by itself it is highly overrated. Whitetail browse only represents one portion of the daily food categories for deer and if you don't have afternoon and nighttime food sources too, you will severely limit your entire deer potential. A great whitetail browse strategy alone, is not enough.

hunting access strategy

#1 Hunting Access Strategy For Whitetails

The #1 hunting access strategy for whitetails hinges on your ability to reach a stand locations that represents the closest point of contact to daily deer movement. I first began discussing what I named Perpendicular Access in the mid 2000s, and mastering this concept allows you to consistently hunt unsuspecting whitetails.

switchgrass deer screening

Switchgrass Deer Screening Strategy

Using a switchgrass deer screening strategy can not only save you time and money when compared to other whitetail screening plantings, but in the long run it may just offer the highest level of consistent success. By using the proper herbicides and either of two no-till planting methods, you can easily find consistent success.

MI whitetail consultant

MI Whitetail Consultant Hunting and Habitat Strategy

Ross Fernandez from WHS Turnkey Habitats is more than just another whitetail consultant. From MI to anywhere else a whitetail roams, Ross specializes in turning your whitetail design into reality, including: Hinge cut bedding areas, waterhole creations, food plot management and native grass plantings.

perennial scrapes

Powerful Perennial Scrapes And Overrated Buck Rubs

While a giant buck rub may be worked just a handful of times or less per season by a buck, never underestimate the power of a high profile scrape that may be visited nearly every day of the season, by every deer that walks by. If your goal is to capture a trail cam pic of every buck in the neighborhood, watch a perennial scrape.

Highly Efficient Buck Scouting Tip

Hands-on Hunting and Habitat Design

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