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2017 best food plot

Best 2017 Food Plot Mix

The hottest food plot mix for you in 2017 is impossible to narrow down to any 1 particular blend. In fact, this year I am using 3 blends that combine to create my latest mixes. For over 2 decades my best food plots mixes have had two goals: Season long attraction and forage diversity. 2017 is no different!

all season deer habitat

Do Your Habitat Improvements Last All Deer Season?

Dancing fawns, fat does and exploding antlers are all great, but do your habitat improvements last all deer season long? Any holes in your deer habitat improvements during the months of October, November and December can destroy any of your hour herd and hunting goals, so here are some tips to create improvements that last.

kill nocturnal bucks

5 Ways To Kill Nocturnal Bucks

While many are left to hinge their hopes of killing a nocturnal during the peak of the rut, some hunters consistently reap the rewards of experiencing the daylight movements of the oldest bucks in the neighborhood. If your goal is to kill nocturnal bucks every season during the daylight, there are 5 simples rules to hunt by.

start a mock scrape

Advanced Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series Coming Soon!

The first Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series event is coming soon to Grand Rapids, MI, so don't miss out!

2017 whitetail rut

2017 Whitetail Rut Forecast

The 2017 whitetail rut forecast for the best days to sit in a tree this Fall, includes toe numbing mornings, clear blue skies and if you have to predict, probably even a little snow.

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