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archery sit alert

Important September 21st Archery Sit Alert!

When daytime highs drop from 89 degrees into the high 60s, deer will be on their feet and you should be in a treestand! This week's weather forecast is bringing an outstanding time for you to be in the deer woods and these are the same conditions that you should be looking for, to guide you to success all season long.

annual food plots

The Extreme Power of Annual Food Plots

While one food plot option sounds good on paper, the other option is typically the only choice in the North 1/2 of the country, for annually building a quality herd and hunt. When you learn how to tap into the power of annual food plot plantings, you will perennially create the potential of high powered herd and hunting results.

whitetail waterhole strategy

Whitetail Waterhole Strategy and Maintenance

Small Waterhole, leaves, sticks and a lack of critter escape opportunity can each diminish or destroy all of your hard work for establishing a quality whitetail waterhole. Under the right circumstances a waterhole for deer greatly improved your ability to define daily deer movements on your land. Here are some strategies...

2018 food plot

2018 Best Food Plot Blend

With a couple of new plots and a variety of food plot soil and weed conditions, I had to rely completely on my old faithful of food plot blends: 25 pounds per acre of late planted forage soybeans, 100 pounds per acre of forage peas, 25 pounds per acre of oats, 3 pounds per acre of tillage radish on one half, and then a 6 pounds

2018 whitetail rut forecast

2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Hunting Guide

The 2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast for your area has been set in stone for many years before this current prediction. However, will the moon play a role in this year's annual whitetail rut timing by choosing new dates for you to be in the woods? Make sure to use this precision rut and hunting guide forecast to predict exactly...

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