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reduce deer numbers

An Easy Way To Raise Or Reduce Deer Numbers

One way to raise or reduce deer numbers is by applying a little or a lot, of trigger control. However, I've experienced a much easier way to control the deer population on your land, and it works on a range of poor to perfect habitats, across the entire Country. It all begins or ends with a concept I refer to as a doe factory.

staging area habitat

Creating Staging Area Habitat For Big Bucks

Creating staging area habitat for the biggest bucks in the neighborhood is no easy task. In fact, very few landowners get to enjoy the privileges of owning a successful staging area, all season long. While creating a staging area isn't all about big bucks, you will find that you can't have one without the other.

fool a whitetails nose

#1 Way To Fool A Whitetail's Nose

The #1 way to fool a whitetail's nose, revolves around your ability to mimic the skills of Earth's greatest ambush predators. Your ability to control your scent while deer hunting doesn't necessarily include your favorite spray, dust or scent contraption instead, your journey begins months before you ever climb your treestand.

high pressure treestand setups

Treestand Setups For High Pressure Hunting

As the level of deer hunting pressure increases, so does the need for your treestand setups to be perfect. Treestand setups for high pressure hunting need to allow you to use them like a predator, without deer ever knowing that you were there. On small parcels you can't afford invasive setups! Do your setups pass the test?

how to plant switchgrass

How To Plant Switchgrass For Wildlife Cover

Switchgrass is one of the easiest forms of wildlife cover to plant and if planted correctly, switchgrass can be fully established after only 2 Summers of growth! Learning how to plant switchgrass by either frost seeding or using a no till drill, will offer you 2 sure-fire ways to establish a deer and small game habitat magnet.

ladder stand setup

The Perfect Ladder Stand Setup For Deer

This particular stand location resulted in 7 shot opportunities in 2017. It had all the qualities of the perfect ladder stand setup before the season even began, and it did not disappoint! A screened access, a hidden climb and a silent ladder stand are just a few of the ingredients for the perfect ladder stand setup.

deer parcel buying

Deer Parcel Buying Guide: Finding The Perfect Whitetail Property

Finding the perfect whitetail parcel to buy or lease isn't easy. If you desire to capture your whitetail dreams, then you may need to think outside the box of traditional deer land ingredients. After scouting nearly 700 parcels in 25 states since 2005, there are 20 deer parcel qualities I have experienced, you should consider.

how to attract whitetails

How To Attract Whitetails To A Monoculture

If you've ever wondered how to attract more whitetails to your land than you know what to do with, then make sure that you add habitat diversity pockets. By adding daytime browse you can easily turn conifer, switchgrass or shrub plantings into a high powered habitat attraction for whitetails, that is anything but a monoculture.

food plot screening

Food Plot Screening For Creating Buck Bedding

Let's face it folks, without effective screening, food plots can be risky to the entire deer herd. Screening your food plots offer several great strategies for the savvy land manager, in particular if your goal is to create buck bedding areas. Do you want to have bucks that bed on your land? Then screen your plots first.

nocturnal deer pic ratio

Monthly Trail Cam Nocturnal Deer Pic Ratio

During October, November and December, the ratio of nocturnal vs daylight trail cam pictures reveal a wealth of information about the quality of your habitat and hunting efforts. Your nocturnal deer pic ratio should be no worse than 1 daylight pic for every nocturnal pic (1:1) and when it comes to does and fawns, at least 4:1.

deer sanctuary improvement

Highly Attractive Deer Sanctuary Improvement Strategy

While most hunters plan for deer sanctuaries and even have fancy signs to establish their boundaries of sanctuary habitat, very few hunters get to experience a highly attractive sanctuary. The #1 test for how attractive your sanctuaries really are, is to calculate the % of acres that deer never see you, smell you or hear you.

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