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evening whitetail waterhole

How To Create Evening Whitetail Waterhole Setups

Evening whitetail waterhole setups represent the most common drinking time for thirsty whitetails, all season long. Have you created your waterholes in the right location?

buck scouting tips

Highly Efficient Buck Scouting Tip

Successfully scouting for bucks on a new chunk of ground doesn't actually take as much time as you may think. Leave the hard work behind, because here is a proven scouting tip to help you locate mature bucks in 2 days or less.

killing a target buck

4 Steps For Killing A Target Buck

The process of killing a target buck may at first seem like a nearly impossible task. However, I have experienced that if you follow the right steps, you can consistently create precision opportunities for any mature buck that you are attempting to target.

evening buck hunting strategy

Morning, Mid-Day And Evening Buck Hunting Strategy

What is the value of your morning, mid-day and evening buck hunting sits? While using one stand to hunt from all day is a trendy strategy, most of the time you are severely limiting your buck harvest potential. Instead, a great strategy is to learn to maximize each portion of the day to help you find consistent success.

start a mock scrape

When To Start A Mock Scrape

When it comes to starting a mock scrape I am borrowing a portion of an old familiar phrase from years ago because, "The time to start a mock scrape, is any time"!

hide food plots

3 Reasons To Hide Your Food Plots

Do you hide your food plots as much as you do your most secluded bedding areas? You should, because unhidden food plots can equal disaster on parcels of 1000 acres or less.

2005 WI Archery Target Buck

2005 WI Archery Target Buck

Strictly following the forecast for an early November cold front, led me directly to my 2005 WI Archery target buck!

increasing daytime trail cam

5 Tips For Increasing Daytime Trail Cam Pics

What's the best tip for increasing daytime trail cam pics of giant bucks? Don't hunt or step foot on your land, during the hunting season.

use a deer waterhole

How To Use A Deer Waterhole To Anchor Buck Movement

When whitetails are bedding dry and traveling to or from food, using a deer waterhole to anchor buck movement can pay huge rewards during the entire hunting season. The perfect waterhole setup takes a little planning and lot of hard work, but several bow stands at once, can often be enhanced.

food plot acreage

Necessary Base Food Plot Acreage Strategy

Every private parcel has a necessary base amount of food plot acreage that should be the foundation of their entire planting strategy. The amount of forage needed on your land, is the total volume of food that you need, to attract the attention of the local deer herd during the entire hunting season.


Summer Scouting Strategy For Fall Bucks

What if I told you that there was a Summer scouting strategy that you could apply now, to accurately practice and use for your Fall buck pursuits? Well you are in luck, because there IS! I am excited to reveal to you that I have used this scouting method since the late 80s to create over 80% of my total buck harvests.​

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