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target buck success

Target Buck Success By Trail Cam

While there is an enormous amount of hunting strategy that went into the level of target buck success that we experienced in the Fall of 2016, it all began with our pre-season trail cam strategy. There are several key points throughout the years, that have combined to refine my approach for the harvest of dozens of target bucks.

Habitat Day

Advanced Whitetail Strategy Event

Are you a whitetail hunting and habitat nut? Then this is a can't miss opportunity for you to experience first-hand, advanced whitetail strategies that have been 3 decades in the making. Most importantly, you will learn how to apply those proven strategies specifically to your own habitat and hunt, no matter where you live.

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Early Successional Growth For Whitetails

It's a phrase that get's tossed around a lot these days by whitetail habitat managers; Early Successional Growth... But what exactly does that mean, and is it always a good thing?

hinge cut deer cover

Instant Hinge Cut Deer Cover And Food

Barely into Spring green-up, these hinge cuts are already producing an explosion of deer habitat. Our February hard work, was successful in creating instant hinge cut deer cover and food!

food plot planting methods

3 Highly Efficient Food Plot Planting Methods

How many of us could use a little more time in our schedules? I know I can and the process of planting my food plots is no exception! Here are my 3 favorite food plot planting methods for not only saving time, but for creating beautiful, highly efficient fields of green. Have you ever tried planting by no til?

trail cam tip

#1 Trail Camera Tip For Whitetails

What is the #1 trail camera tip? Trail cams have the potential to allow you to secretly capture a glimpse into the daily life of even the most reclusive old buck. With that in mind, the #1 trail cam tip is to make sure that you don't get caught!

food plot tips

10 Advanced Food Plot Tips for Quality Deer Herds

Food plot lovers beware, because if you are not following these 10 advanced food plot tips, your potential for creating quality deer herds and hunting opportunities may be doomed no matter how pretty and attractive your plots become.

food plot strategy for mature bucks

Critical Food Plot Strategy For Mature Bucks

You can't afford to miss this critical food plot strategy, if your desire is to create a habitat for mature bucks on small parcels. Believe it or not, often the more attractive a food plot is, the greater the potential for that plot to actually displace mature buck bedding opportunities on your land.


Whitetail Bedding Canopy Myth Tips

When talking bedding areas, many people believe the myth that a whitetail needs bedding canopy for cover. This simply isn't true, so here are some tips and strategies to help get your whitetail bedding area up to par, without wasted effort or unnecessary confining whitetail bedding canopy. ​

build a better deer

How To Build A Better Deer Trap

Building a better deer trap takes a lot of hard work and experience. While it can take many years to gain the knowledge for creating high quality deer habitat and the deer hunting setups that follow, I have found you can find success quickly by recognizing the strategy of using the common mouse trap.​

whitetail bedding log

Whitetail Bedding Log Myth Tips

You may have never heard about the whitetail bedding log, but believe it or not, it is being used. While most bedding habitat improvements are appropriate for a portion of lands, none are the golden ticket on all lands. The bedding log however, is never needed, if your deer bedding game is being executed correctly.

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