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How To Plant And Design A Food Plot Program Web Class

Featuring 5 different modules, whether you are a beginner or veteran food plot planter, this class has critical strategies that any food plotter needs.


How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel

Over 2000 videos, articles and client parcels have lead to my first web class titled, "How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel". This will take you inside my head for a look into exactly how to design your own land, while assessing the balance of my original hunting and habitat design concepts.

Trail Cam Tips

Critical Trail Cam Tips For Bucks

Are you looking for top trail cam tips to help you fill your tag this season? Then you have come to the right place!

How To Feed Deer

How to Feed Deer

Deer feed 5 times in a 24 hour period as rhythmic pattern feeders. Like babys. That sounds like a lot of deer food!

Favorite Treestand Setup

2 Hot Treestand Setups For Bowhunting Big Bucks

These 2 super hot treestand setups for bowhunting big bucks are not only proven but also reflect a common theme among all of my favorite treestand setups...

Whitetail Mock Scrapes

How Many Mock Scrapes is TOO many?

The number of mock scrapes per acre that you should create on your deer parcel, may be a lot fewer than you think!

May Whitetail Strategies

Important MAY Deer Habitat and Hunting Activities

There are some very important deer hunting and deer habitat activities that you need to accomplish in May...

Do You Need A Tractor

Why Buy A Tractor For Food Plots and Deer Lands?

Are you about to buy a tractor to plant your food plots and to help you work on your small deer hunting parcel?

Summer Whitetail Strategies

Top 10 Summer Deer Hunting Strategy Mistakes

Ok, so maybe there are only 9 Summer deer hunting strategy mistakes and one of those doesn't even have anything to do with deer hunting - woops!

Small Parcel Whitetail

#1 Small Parcel Deer Herd And Hunting Timing Tip

Unless you own 800-1000 acres or more, it is impossible to take a care of a deer herd for the entire year...

Bad Food Plot Seed

#1 Worst Food Plot Seed

The number of poor food plot seed blends are many, and one of the best way to spot a really bad one, is if there is 1 basic seed...

Hands-on Hunting and Habitat Design

Creating the Optimal Whitetail Design

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Whitetail Success By Design Book Series

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