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monster buck timing

5 All Season Monster Buck Timing Opportunities

A seasoned old monster buck can shift in and out of your hunting pursuits on what seems like a weekly basis. "Here today - gone tomorrow" is a fitting quote, for the attempts of timing a mature buck. However, what is great about an experienced old beast is that although he has come and gone, he will usually come back again.

rut cruising whitetail habitat

Powerful Rut Cruising Whitetail Habitat Setups

When you combine mock scrapes, a waterhole, giant rubs, natural habitat funnels and a few minutes of chainsaw work, you can easily create multiple high powered whitetail rut cruising stand locations. And when you do, don't forget to hang a trail camera to make sure that you don't miss out on all of the rutting action!

2017 post rut forecast

2017 Post Rut Forecast Alert - Don't Miss Out!

We strategize, plan and work all year for the deer season, as the months and many weeks of hope and anticipation drag on. Then it happens. The Pre Rut, Peak Rut and Post Rut fly by so quickly that Christmas is just weeks away. However, don't worry because 2017 Post Rut opportunities are coming in hot!

surviving the rut

Surviving The Rut During An All Day Sit

Let's face it, when the rut is on, it is sometimes appropriate to sit all day in one tree stand or at the very least be in the woods all day, in multiple stands. However, when you sit all day, do you have enough gear to climb Everest? Here are 3 basic all day rut strategies to keep your pack lite and your success rate high.

2017 rut lockdown

Critical 2017 Rut Lockdown Sick Day Alert

Do you feel a cough coming on? If so, you are in luck, because Monday's forecasted combo of temp drop, pressure increase and a probable rut lockdown slowdown, will explode mature buck activity from MN and MO, to OH and KY. Also, don't be bummed from PA to NH, because your sick day rut lockdown forecast will be here Tuesday!

hunt the rut lockdown

How To Hunt The Rut Lockdown Phase

The whitetail rut lockdown phase is very real and it requires a different set of hunting strategies than the pre, peak and post rut phases. By switching gears to bedding areas and remote food sources for just a few days, you can not only learn to survive the lockdown phase, but to hunt it with a level of predictable success.

2017 peak rut forecast

2017 Peak Rut Forecast Alert - Go Time!

It's GO TIME in the whitetail woods, just about anywhere in the country, and the forecast isn't going to be disappointing the hunting masses! The 2017 Peak Rut is already here or coming in hot for the next 10 days and the more time you can spend in the woods, the better. However, not every day is created equal!

peak rut sit strategy

Important Whitetail Peak Rut Sit Strategy

If you value your annual whitetail rut time like I do, you will find it highly important to manage your daily sit opportunities, during the Peak Rut. One of the greatest daily treestand activities is to hunt stand locations that are designed for either morning, afternoon or all day specific sit opportunities.

windy weather whitetail

Windy Weather Whitetail Rut Strategies

During windy weather whitetails will still be on the move, but that doesn't mean that you should climb into your favorite wind-blasted treestand. Instead, when the wind pics up during the rut or any other time of the hunting season, choosing a stand where deer can escape the wind, can yield a great deal of windy weather success.

whitetail rut habitat

3 Whitetail Rut Habitat Hotspots

Dominance, does and water combine to create the holy triad of whitetail rut habitat hotspots! You can use those ingredients to create 3 sure-fire rut setups that can't be missed this season.

in one treestand

All Day In One Treestand: Waste of Time?

As as the decades of deer hunting tick by, I find that my number of sits that are all day in one treestand, are less and less. While sitting in one tree for the entire day sounds cool on paper and may be a great way to impress your hunting buddies, the practice may not be the best use of your time, as often as you think.

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