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Critical Trail Cam Tips For Bucks

Are you looking for top trail cam tips to help you fill your tag this season? Then you have come to the right place!

Catch Trespassers

How To Catch A Trespasser

There are several ways to catch a hunting land trespasser and even if you don't actually catch them, there are ways that you can make sure that they know to never come back...

check trail cam

Best Time To Check Trail Cams

I ask you to let this phrase sink in: Trail cams don't spook whitetails, hunters spook whitetails. Of course you have to be using a well positioned, hidden and low glo trail cam. However, once you have checked off the basics of trail cam setup, when you actually access to check your trail cams can make or break your season.

number of trail cams

How Many Trail Cams Should You Have

While there is no set number of trail cams that you should have per acre, there are some very important strategies that can help guide you to your answer, including: How defined are the daily deer movements on your land? The more defined that your deer habitat and deer movements are, the fewer cameras that you need per acre.

fall trail cam location

Summer vs Fall Trail Cam Location Strategies

Is you favorite Fall trail cam location working for you all year long? In the vast majority of hunting season trail cam hotspots, it most likely will not. Just like high quality whitetail parcels, your most important trail cam locations should be built for the Fall, and not for the Summer.

summer trail cam bucks

No Summer Trail Cam Bucks No Problem

The dreaded Summer trail cam pull has happened - no bucks! After letting your trail cams soak for several weeks with the anticipation of some giant Summer velvet-fest bucks, you discover a moderate amount of deer pics and zero mature bucks. What do you do?

nocturnal deer pic ratio

Monthly Trail Cam Nocturnal Deer Pic Ratio

During October, November and December, the ratio of nocturnal vs daylight trail cam pictures reveal a wealth of information about the quality of your habitat and hunting efforts. Your nocturnal deer pic ratio should be no worse than 1 daylight pic for every nocturnal pic (1:1) and when it comes to does and fawns, at least 4:1.

trail cams hidden

Are Your Trail Cams Hidden Enough? An Easy Review

How hidden your trail cameras are, can make or break your entire season, let alone a great trail cam location. After the season is over it's time to review your 10s of thousands of photos and look for one glaring clue: The number of deer that stare at your camera.

access trail cameras

Best Ways To Access Trail Cameras

If you don't access your trail cameras in a way that keeps you from spooking deer, then changes have to be made. There are several practices that are best for accessing your trail cameras but regardless of the method, they have all have one thing in common: The deer shouldn't be aware, that your camera is there.

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​Trail Cam Dependability and Battery Life

When choosing a trail cam, the camera’s battery life and overall dependability are by far the most important factors to consider. Rather than scrutinizing the specifications and counting megapixels, we simply want to know how long the camera will last, and how many photos we can expect it to take on one set of batteries.

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Using Trail Cam Photos to Kill Hit List Bucks

Not surprisingly, last year’s trail cam photos can help you solidify this year’s hit list; however, those old photos can actually help you formulate a plan to kill those hit list bucks months in advance.