Mature Buck Strategies


How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel

Over 2000 videos, articles and client parcels have lead to my first web class titled, "How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel". This will take you inside my head for a look into exactly how to design your own land, while assessing the balance of my original hunting and habitat design concepts.

Favorite Treestand Setup

2 Hot Treestand Setups For Bowhunting Big Bucks

These 2 super hot treestand setups for bowhunting big bucks are not only proven but also reflect a common theme among all of my favorite treestand setups...

Deer Hunting Lies

Top Deer Hunting Lies

The 1 guaranteed truth about deer hunting facts is that deer hunting facts lie...

Hunting Thermals

Deer Hunting Thermals 101

If you are deer hunting hills this season, you need to understand the basics of both morning and evening thermals...

Youth Hunt

Youth Deer Hunting Season Rant

The fact that we have to have a youth season, says a lot about our current state of deer hunting across the Country. While I do not disagree with designated youth hunts, why do we even need them?

Spooking Bucks

Spooking Bucks While Deer Hunting | Why Worry?

I worry about, you worry about and all deer hunters should worry about spooking bucks!

Food Plot Hunting

Why You Shouldn't Deer Hunt On Food Plots

Should you ever hunt deer on a food plot? Of course! Should you always hunt deer on a food plot? Absolutely not!

Bad Hunting Regulations

Bad Deer Hunting Regs Warning

These new deer hunting regs are as bad as they get!

Treestand Bowhunting

#1 Treestand Bowhunting Tip

Does your tree saddle or treestand allow you to bowhunt without spooking deer?

Shed Hunting Fails

Top 5 Shed Hunting Fails

If you want to find more shed antlers, make sure to avoid these top shed hunting blinders and fails...

Perfect Treestand Setup

Create The Perfect RUT Treestand Setup NOW

The perfect big buck rut hunting stand location has to have the right habitat ingredients of food, then doe bedding and then buck bedding...