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First Lite Clothing

First Lite Whitetail Announcement

I am very honored to announce that I have formed a new partnership with First Lite hunting clothing. I will represent the innovative whitetail line and I can't wait! Why did I switch?

2005 WI Archery Target Buck

2005 WI Archery Target Buck

Strictly following the forecast for an early November cold front, led me directly to my 2005 WI Archery target buck!

mature buck harvest

Mature Buck Harvest: Whitetail Habitat Solutions

My name is Jeff Sturgis. Everyone seems to love mature, giant bucks...and I am no different. However, it is not the size of the antlers or even the weight of the beast that gets me going the most...

 2014 WI gun season family success

2014 WI Gun Season Family Whitetail Success

What a season! There will of course be a complete story to follow, but I wanted to at least share pictures from my family whitetail success that was found during the 2014 WI Gun season.

mature buck success story

2002 Wisconsin Archery Mature Buck Success

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2014 WI Whitetail Gun Season Success

This is more of a pictorial blog...but I wanted to share some of the pictures of the success that my son and I had during the WI gun season. Sitting "side by side" we were able to take a couple of great bucks together and best of all we created many memories to last a lifetime!

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UP of MI Public Land Opening Weekend Hunt

Friday, November 15th I couldn't wait to get back to the area I wrote about in the intro of my book, "Whitetail Success By Design". Making the early morning trek 40 minutes to the blind location through the swamps and brush..

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WI 2012 Rifle Opener...My 10 Year Old Son Jake's First Buck!!

I am so proud of my son! We had a 1/2 hour walk up into the hollow, and I was pretty wore out, let alone Jake.

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2012 WI Archery Buck

​This is the heaviest deer I have ever shot…a 220# bruiser I killed on Saturday morning, the first time hunting a stand after hanging it in late June. He is a mature beauty…

Wpid 2012 10 12 12 00 39 449 1

10/12 Lower MI Archery Brute!

​I was “preaching” about the early season cold fronts…and I got pretty lucky! I hunted a secondary early October Feeding Front last Thurs/Friday morning.

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Grilled Venison Backstrap Recipe

After taking a doe Thursday night, it was time have some friends over a couple of days later and make some Grilling Boats! There are of course many variations of this recipe...