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Habitat Consultant

How To Become A Deer Habitat And Hunting Consultant

So you want to become a deer habitat consultant?

whitetail habitat success

High Level 80 Acre Whitetail Habitat Success

Put the work in, and you will be rewarded. Dedication to completing his habitat design, persistence, and disciplined hunting practices helped my good friend and client Jared, harvest this stud of a Wisconsin whitetail after a 3 year journey.

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WHS Holiday Giveaway and 20% Off Apparel

WHS is giving away 1 of each store item before the Holidays to 1 lucky winner! We are also having a 20% off sale on all apparel items through December 14th!

early season archery

ND and GA Early Season Archery Success

Things started off really early in the archery season for two hunters that put a lot of time and effort into their hunt. Brooks Pigg and Brennen Nading are a couple of prime examples of how much "luck" can be found, after a huge amount of hard work and dedication is completed.

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Sunday Success Story Series

It's your story, we want to hear it! Your hunt could be featured in a WHS Sunday Success Story Blog. It's as simple as writing a brief description of your hunt and sending a harvest photo to!

small parcel deer sanctuary

Small Parcel Deer Sanctuary Tactics

"I feel like Im in year two of land management program and the results so far has been amazing. Before you came out I would see maybe one doe in a week of hunting..."

mi pre rut whitetail

MI Pre Rut Whitetail Habitat Connection

*Check out the Immediate Whitetail Sit Alert that discusses the weather necessities that combined to create the perfect conditions for Jason's hunt!

cold front buck

Brooks WI Cold Front Buck

It is getting to that time of the year, and I love hearing about all of the cold front bucks being harvested, in particular in my home state of WI!

cold weather buck

Bauman 2015 WI Giant Cold Weather Buck

If you are connected to the hunting circles of social media, you have most likely already heard about the Nick Bauman 2015 WI giant.

deer habitat success

Northern WI Deer Habitat Success

I love Northern WI deer habitat and hunting, as well as any other northern lands including MN, WI and MI! I personally lived in a Northern wilderness setting for 14 years, but have hunted for nearly 30 years in agricultural land as well;...

luke's delaware whitetail

Luke's Delaware Whitetail Success

I want you to know how the "Success by Design" concepts have worked out. After spending untold amounts of hard days working and massive funds spent to create a hunting bonanza here, I was failing year after year. By failing I mean my hunting results were not improving.