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Northeast WI Heavy Timber Design

"I had been planting and hunting food plots for 10 years on my 120 acres with the results being one buck in the 120 class. A friend of mine attended a class on whitetail habit manipulation. After talking to him and seeing the results of his labor I was convinced I needed more to my land than just food plots. I started reading everything on whitetail habit and how a person could set up his land to for optimum whitetail habitat. The information was overwhelming. There are a lot of people with different ideas. Some of the ideas seemed great and some seemed out there to say the least. It was hard to sort thru what would best fit my land. The one thing that stuck in my mind the most was the wrong habitat plan could mess up your land for years to come. Needless to say I was starting to feel the best thing to do was hire someone that had experience.

The first time I met Jeff Sturgis was at a seminar where he was the key speaker. My friend and I made it a point to be on Jeffs heels as much as possible and pick his brain for information. Jeff was very approachable and friendly even though my friend and I bombarded him with questions whenever we could throughout the seminar, and after it we still talked with him for about an hour. We were very impressed with how much info he shared with us.

Then I kicked around the idea for the next couple months on hiring Jeff to come and create a plan for my property. After another average season I decided to hire Jeff. Another friend of mine in the area decided to have Jeff come to his father in-laws land and this also saved us a little money on Jeffs visit.

The weekend Jeff came we went to my friends father in-laws land on the first day. It was pretty cool seeing how he put together a plan for a piece of property that was mostly agricultural and totally different than my own land. While walking the land we stopped in one spot where Jeff and my friend started talking about approach and stand placement. Jeff made the statement that he felt it would be nothing to set up in this spot and harvest a 130 or 140 class buck. I guess I was impressed in his confidence in his decision making that he felt this spot would be that good.

The next day we started on my land. Jeff and I along with two friends walked my property. We first started in a spot that I told him I would someday like a house or cabin. Jeff took this into consideration and asked other questions as far as how much logging would I be willing to do or moving some permanent stands. Jeff even took the time to explain and demonstrate building a deer bed for me. He explained where he wanted me to put in travel corridors, food plots, and approach and stand placement throughout the property along with many other changes. We walked the whole 120 acres that day. Which in a foot of wet snow isnt very much fun. Afterwards Jeff drew up a whitetail habitat plan for my property specifically and explained to me everything about it. It is simply amazing how Jeff can look at a piece of land and understand how to set it up for the best results.

What is amazing is the support you get after Jeff leaves. You can text him or call him with questions and he is always willing to help and guide you through the process of developing your property into the ultimate whitetail habitat. After just one summer of doing habitat work that fall I could start to see the deer starting to use the land to Jeffs plan. Amazing!

When it comes to Whitetail Habitat Jeff is the real deal and as a person in general he is a great guy and someone I consider a friend. I just hope my neighbors dont hire him because my property will be that much better in years to come."

-Rick King
Northeast WI

WI Heavy Timber Design

Rick has been a great client, and an individual who has worked many hours to create his habitat plan! I can't wait to hear more from him, and about the progress of his WI heavy timber design throughout the next few years.

Thanks again for the kind words Rick...and I hope to see you again soon! Also, don't be a stranger to my cell phone or is always great to hear from you. It would be great to meet you and John for breakfast again, like we did so many years ago...


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