Mature Buck Strategies

archery sit alert

Important September 21st Archery Sit Alert!

When daytime highs drop from 89 degrees into the high 60s, deer will be on their feet and you should be in a treestand! This week's weather forecast is bringing an outstanding time for you to be in the deer woods and these are the same conditions that you should be looking for, to guide you to success all season long.

2018 whitetail rut forecast

2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Hunting Guide

The 2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast for your area has been set in stone for many years before this current prediction. However, will the moon play a role in this year's annual whitetail rut timing by choosing new dates for you to be in the woods? Make sure to use this precision rut and hunting guide forecast to predict exactly...

summer trail cam

Random Summer Trail Cam Buck Hunting Strategies

Great Fall Hunting Parcels often have one thing in common: Very few Summer trail cam mature buck pictures. However, even with very little Summer trail cam Intel on a particular buck that you are after, you can still develop a highly effective strategy to target him in the Fall.

annual rut predictions

Mock Scrape Annual Rut Predictions

When you have created a system of annual buck movement including bedding areas, travel corridors and food sources, placing one mock scrape and one trail camera in the middle of it all, can predict much more than just what bucks are in that exact area.

winter whitetail scouting

Winter Whitetail Scouting Sign For Fall Predictions

A great place for a stand location, right? If you base your hunch on overall sign the answer may be a very loud YES! However, if you take a look into what Winter scouting sign is really predicting, you may want to enjoy the current sign and keep scouting.​​

strategies for daytime buck

Trail Cam Strategies For Daytime Buck Movement

While only a small fraction of whitetail lands capture a higher % of daytime buck movement than nighttime, this elusive result is a lot easier than you may think. You can't improve your hunt or your herd unless your # of daylight trail cam buck pictures are maximized, and there are several proven strategies to make it happen.

hunting access strategy

#1 Hunting Access Strategy For Whitetails

The #1 hunting access strategy for whitetails hinges on your ability to reach a stand locations that represents the closest point of contact to daily deer movement. I first began discussing what I named Perpendicular Access in the mid 2000s, and mastering this concept allows you to consistently hunt unsuspecting whitetails.

perennial scrapes

Powerful Perennial Scrapes And Overrated Buck Rubs

While a giant buck rub may be worked just a handful of times or less per season by a buck, never underestimate the power of a high profile scrape that may be visited nearly every day of the season, by every deer that walks by. If your goal is to capture a trail cam pic of every buck in the neighborhood, watch a perennial scrape.

scouting whitetail rut

Scouting Whitetail Rut Stand Setups

The best whitetail rut stand setups may include the ingredients of brushy bottlenecks, safe downwind habitat, deerless access, nearby doe bedding areas and the presence of historical buck sign. When you scout and locate all of those ingredients in one perfect spot, make sure that you choose the right stand location!

morning deer stand access

3 Best Times To Access A Morning Deer Stand

There is no set time that will work every time, to access your deer stand in the morning. Instead, make sure that you consider these 3 morning deer hunting entrance strategies, before ever heading into the woods again.

hunt deer in the snow

How To Hunt Deer In The Snow

How you change your practices to hunt deer in the snow, has a major influence on if you will find success during the late season or not. Crusting snow, ice and frozen food sources all determine the amount of energy that deer need to expend and where they move, when the snow begins to pile up.

stay warm hunting

How To Stay Warm Hunting Deer

The value of trying to stay warm when hunting deer is no joke. Since the late 80s, I have experienced that from - 30 to + 30, there are 4 critical parts to focus on, to stay warm in your treestand: Feet, core, hands and head. If you keep those 4 areas warm, you are well on your way to finding hot times in the frozen deer woods.