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Random Summer Trail Cam Buck Hunting Strategies

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Great Fall Hunting Parcels often have one thing in common: Very few Summer trail cam mature buck pictures. However, even with very little Summer trail cam Intel on a particular buck that you are after, you can still develop a highly effective strategy to target him in the Fall. A random mature buck that can show up on your land only a handful of times over a few years is trying to tell you something - are you listening?

One of the greatest hunting patterns that has created some of my best buck kills, is the pattern of Core and Non Core buck movements. This is a pattern that I have experienced for decades whether on my own hunting lands or those lands of my clients around the country. I then named the pattern and have been writing and creating videos about core and non core bucks for the past several years. Infrequent Summer trail cam mature buck pics directly relate to the pattern of core and non core bucks and if you learn to unravel this highly important pattern, you can begin to target bucks that primarily reside on your neighbor's land, every hunting season. There are 3 critical Summer trail cam buck pattern strategies that can help you not only tap into a non core mature buck on a regular basis, but that will keep your neighbor's scratching their head at your success. The annual Habitat Shift, trail cam Hunting Predictions and understanding how Weather Patterns help to narrow down buck cruising opportunities, are each very important factors for you to consider, when it comes to unraveling the random Summer travel patterns of mature bucks.

*While Summer trail cam pics Often Lie, a High Quality trail camera does not. Making sure that your trail cams can be counted on to capture the infrequency of random non core mature buck pictures, can insure that you don't miss out on a small piece of trail cam pic intel that may make your whitetail dreams come true.

Summer Trail Cam Buck Pattern Strategies

A mature buck really is trying to tell you something when he leaves a random trail of infrequent trail cam pic clues, and that trail often begins during the Summer months. Here are 3 ways to make sure that you don't miss a local monster's subtle hints, that can each be found by scouring your Summer trail cam pic collection:

1. The Annual Summer To Fall Whitetail Habitat Shift

If the land that you hunt includes high quality Fall food sources and Fall cover, then you can expect at some point during late September thru late October, your trail cam mature buck activity to shift from random to frequent, in particularly during the hours of daylight. When this happens you can tell 3 things:

  • Your habitat plan is working
  • You have the ability to influence the herd in terms of population control, buck age structure and sex ratio
  • You should have an opportunity to harvest an unfair number or mature bucks from the surrounding neighborhood, every single season

As long as your hunting tactics are non-invasive and the deer herd is given the illusion that they are safe and secure, your random Summer trail cam pic discoveries can eventually reveal incredibly rewarding herd and hunting opportunities!

2. Highly Defined But Infrequent Trail Cam Hunting Predictions

Core and non core bucks are bucks that feature two distinctly opposite hunting season Fall habitats, relative to the lands that you hunt. A core buck will offer an increasing number of trail cam pics as the hunting season progresses, in particular when it comes to daylight movements. A core buck is often a buck that will reside roughly 1 mile or more from your land during the Summer, and then begin to focus on your land during the hunting season as his primary Fall Habitat. A non core buck is a buck that continues to offer infrequent trail cam pictures as the annual whitetail rut approaches, and typically lives at least a 1/2 mile from your parcel borders or more, during the entire season.

Is that random mature buck picture from a core or non core buck? By scouring your past trail cam pics and hunting season memory bank, you should be able to slot a particular buck into a non core or core buck pattern to a fairly high degree of certainty. What's interesting is that in my experience many of my most solid core bucks throughout the years, have lived off of the land during the Summer and many non core bucks have revealed the most buck pictures -although typically random- during the Summer and on the land. If you discover a core buck make sure to hunt him early and often throughout the entire season and if you discover a non core buck, waiting until the perfect time to go in for the kill during the middle of the peak rut, is a great strategy!

3. Whitetail Weather Buck Movement Forecasts

Trail cams are incredible tools for not only finding great looking whitetails, but for specifically analyzing the movement patterns of mature bucks. The same weather conditions that encourage mature bucks to stroll by your trail cams during the Summer, will be the same patterns that jump them to their feet and past your treestand, during Fall shooting hours. Several keys to watch for are major temperature changes, major wind changes, major extreme weather changes and the longevity of boring, insignificant weather patterns. Each weather pattern has the ability to predict mature buck movements, whether that change keeps deer from moving, slams them to their feet or is taking place during the Summer or Fall. Your trail cams contain all of the info that you need, to find exactly when the best odds are on display, for you to head to the woods!

*During Summer Scouting missions for mature bucks, it is important to look well outside of your parcel borders, to discover bucks that will be on your parcel during the hunting season. This is particularly true when you have created an outstanding Fall parcel, which will typically hold the focus of several times more mature bucks during the Fall, than during the Summer.


Your can use Summer trail cams to predict an incredible collection of mature buck intel, even though the pictures of bucks are few and far between. If you haven't been listening to the clues of infrequent trail cam pics in the past along with the depth of info that you can find, it's time to realize the power of just a few, when it comes to a random mature buck trail cam pic


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