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Important September 21st Archery Sit Alert!

archery sit alert

When daytime highs drop from 89 degrees into the high 60s, deer will be on their feet and you should be in a treestand! This week's weather forecast is bringing an outstanding time for you to be in the deer woods and these are the same conditions that you should be looking for, to guide you to success all season long. Learn how to forecast your own deer hunting opportunities for not only when to sit, but when to stay home.

*You can use these same weather conditions to Forecast and Predict your own whitetail success, all season long!

September 21st Archery Sit Details

There are several important factors that can't be ignored, for this very important early season sit opportunity:

1. A 20 degree temperature drop for daytime highs

2. Multiple days of extreme weather patterns

3. Several hot and humid days preceding the drop

4. Rising barometric pressure peaking when temperatures are at their lowest predicted point in the forecast

5. Clear, cool and low humidity sit opportunity as soon as the front passes.

6. Drastic change in wind conditions


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