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3 Best Times To Access A Morning Deer Stand

morning deer stand access

There is no set time that will work every time, to access your deer stand in the morning. Instead, make sure that you consider these 3 morning deer hunting entrance strategies, before every heading into the woods again.

*While there may be a best time to enter a particular treestand in a particular situation, there is absolutely no best time to access every morning treestand, in every situation. Make sure to check out my morning sneak Tactics For Mature Bucks!

3 Best Times To Access Morning Deer Stands

While there is no perfect time to enter a treestand for every situation, there are 3 proven tactics that you should be practicing, that will apply to nearly every morning access deer hunting situation.

1. After Daybreak Stand Access

The post daybreak stand access strategy is one of my favorites! Developed after constantly spooking deer in an open pasture while waiting for daylight in a particular SW WI treestand, we began waiting for the field to clear after we could see with the naked eye, and then headed straight to the stand. This is an outstanding tactic for crossing thru and then hunting rut cruising stand locations along side open ag land, pasture ground, CRP or in any other location where deer commonly travel during the darkness, but rarely during daylight.

2. Gray Light Sneak Stand Entrance

When deer have the vantage point to pick you out when you access your stand location during the daylight hours, but you can't afford to spook deer long before daylight before the thermals rise, entering during the period of time just before daybreak is a great tactic! By using the cover of darkness to access your stand, you can arrive and climb preferably, roughly 5-10 minutes prior to shooting light.

3. Pre Daybreak Deer Hunting Sit

Hunting remote bedding area cruising movements is one of my all-time favorite strategies for shooting the oldest bucks in the neighborhood however, make sure your downwind is blocked prior to daybreak! Many quality sits are ruined long before daylight, by over-zealous hunters that spook deer while waiting for shooting light to light up the woods. Cliffs, open waterways, mature deer-less timber, roads and brush too thick for deer to travel thru, are just some of the examples of Habitat Dead Spots, that you can use to safely capture your scent before daylight.

morning deer stand access

*In the morning hours, you can't afford to use squeaky, low quality tree stands. The absolute quietest, well-built, best stand that I have found on the market, are the all USA-made, Family Tradition Treestands.


The less you focus on the best time to enter a morning treestand for all occasions, the more you can custom fit the appropriate time to enter a specific stand location, to give yourself the best shot at connecting on a mature buck! Far too many outstanding morning hunts are ruined long before the hunt actually begins, so make sure to use the 3 strategies discussed in this article to pick the best time to enter every stand that you hunt, this season.


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