Mature Buck Strategies

Find Big Bucks

5 Ways to Find Big Bucks

Here are 5 ways to find more bucks to hunt this Fall, and the first way is to hunt more like a predator...

Buck Bedding Areas

Top 4 Season Buck Bedding Locations

If you are scouting buck bedding location this year, it is critical to understand that buck beds can change drastically by location, from season to season...

Buck Bedding Myths

5 Buck Bedding Myth Tips

Where do bucks bed? As someone who scouts buck bedding areas for a living, I have experienced that many of the traditional buck bedding rules are much more fiction than fact...

Whitetail Scouting Strategy

Best Whitetail Scouting Strategy

Winter whitetail scouting can be accomplished many ways, but one of the most important goals is to discover which bucks made it through the season...

High Hunting Pressure

10 High Pressure Deer Hunting Strategies

There is no secret that hunting a pressured whitetail in MI is a whole lot harder than hunting deer in KS...

2018 peak rut

2018 Peak Rut 10 Day Sit Alert - Don't Miss Out!

While the weather may look boring and drab for 10 days out, it really isn't! When factor in subtle weather changes combined with the Peak Rut, you can't afford to sit out. From October 31st thru November 9th, here is how to make sure that you can recognize the best days to be in the woods, during the 2018 rut.

whitetail rut hunting

Whitetail Rut Hunting and Habitat Strategies

Hunting the annual whitetail rut can be highly successful with effective scouting, stand setup and mature buck hunting practices. Once the setup of the whitetail rut has been completed, it is time to forecast the best days to hunt during the rut and then hit the woods! The bucks will be ready - will you?

whitetail rut begin

When Will The Whitetail Rut Begin

Understanding this simple rut timing strategy, can be a game changer of mature buck hunting success, for the rest of your life. When the rut actually begins on your land every single season, has been determined long ago. Here is when the rut begins, why it begins and how to hunt it.

nocturnal bucks

Nocturnal Bucks Are Daylight Bucks Somewhere

No buck is truly nocturnal, that's just a myth. Instead, understanding that nocturnal bucks are always daylight bucks somewhere, is key to a consistent level of mature buck success. If the bucks on your neighborhood are not walking around on your land during the daylight, there is probably much, much more to blame than the...

whitetail rut weather

The Annual Whitetail Rut Weather Rollercoaster

The annual whitetail rut rollercoaster of high value weather-induced hunting opportunities begins during the last 10 days of October, every single season - are your ready? There is a very easy way to make sure that you can attack the high value whitetail rut deerfronts, while maximizing your hunting time.

weekend sit details

Outstanding Weekend Sit Details - Time to Hunt!

When temperatures, extreme weather and high winds decline, it is time to hit a stand! The beauty of any great deerfront, is that these conditions have been in the forecast for a solid 10 days. When you combine a great weather forecast with the Pre Rut, it is time to climb into your favorite treestand! Here are the details...

2018 pre rut morning

2018 Pre Rut Morning Hunt Alert

This particular pre rut morning hunting opportunity has been barreling in for several days. While each day the forecast has been fluctuating between a 9 and 13 degree temperature drop, the morning to morning decrease over the weekend will be significant. Do not miss out on this significant Deerfront opportunity!