Mature Buck Strategies

treestand location tips

Treestand Location Tips for Bucks

What I have experienced is that very few treestand locations have what it takes, to score a high sit value all day long. And that makes a lot of sense! While a morning bedding stand location may feature a high value for the morning and mid day hours, it may offer a very low potential for the evening. Also, a great evening stand

best deer forecast

Early Bow Season Best Deer Forecast Day Alert

What does a 20 degree temp drop, a drastically rising barometric pressure, clear skies and a dark evening moon equal? An incredible early season deer forecast! Add that it follows extreme weather factors of thunderstorms and high winds, and it wouldn't matter if this was an early season, peak rut or late season forecast - it's

early season target buck

Bowhunting Early Season Target Bucks

Monster target bucks during the early bow season can be "here today and gone tomorrow". While they can and do often revisit their late Summer haunts during the annual whitetail rut, they may not. In fact they could easily be dead by that point by hunters that are experienced and skilled enough to successfully hunt those bucks,

mock scrape scent

Best Mock Scrape Scent for Bucks

The best mock scrape scent that you can use to attract bucks as well as does and fawns, may really surprise you! Why? Because every single season you are bombarded with cable, online and magazine ads that tell you otherwise. The best mock scrape scent for any deer let alone for bucks, is hard to argue with, because it has

early season bowhunting

5 Tips for an Early Season Bowhunting Buck

Would you like to connect on an early season monster buck with a bow? Covering your corners by trail cam, sound proofing your access, gear and stand locations, scent proofing your stand locations and stand access, AND learning weather pattern forecasting, will each help you hone in on an early season buck.

2018 whitetail rut benefit

Hunting the 2018 Rut - Benefit Event

Would you like to learn how to plan for and hunt the 2018 Whitetail Rut, while raising money for a great cause? Then make sure to visit Lacrosse Archery on 10/17 from 7-9pm! Over $3000 in door prizes will be given away and 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Camp Kicking Bear.

early season whitetail

#1 Early Season Whitetail Opportunity

What is the most important aspect of tommorow's highly anticipated, nearly perfect whitetail weather forecast? It is now the PERFECT day to hit the woods and here are the reasons why!

archery sit alert

Important September 21st Archery Sit Alert!

When daytime highs drop from 89 degrees into the high 60s, deer will be on their feet and you should be in a treestand! This week's weather forecast is bringing an outstanding time for you to be in the deer woods and these are the same conditions that you should be looking for, to guide you to success all season long.

2018 whitetail rut forecast

2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Hunting Guide

The 2018 Whitetail Rut Forecast for your area has been set in stone for many years before this current prediction. However, will the moon play a role in this year's annual whitetail rut timing by choosing new dates for you to be in the woods? Make sure to use this precision rut and hunting guide forecast to predict exactly...

summer trail cam

Random Summer Trail Cam Buck Hunting Strategies

Great Fall Hunting Parcels often have one thing in common: Very few Summer trail cam mature buck pictures. However, even with very little Summer trail cam Intel on a particular buck that you are after, you can still develop a highly effective strategy to target him in the Fall.

annual rut predictions

Mock Scrape Annual Rut Predictions

When you have created a system of annual buck movement including bedding areas, travel corridors and food sources, placing one mock scrape and one trail camera in the middle of it all, can predict much more than just what bucks are in that exact area.

winter whitetail scouting

Winter Whitetail Scouting Sign For Fall Predictions

A great place for a stand location, right? If you base your hunch on overall sign the answer may be a very loud YES! However, if you take a look into what Winter scouting sign is really predicting, you may want to enjoy the current sign and keep scouting.​​