Food Plots

precision kill plot

Precision Kill Plot Creation

Have you created any kill plots this year? I have been excited to design my own new lease property in SW WI this year.

deer feeding time

Deer Feeding Times For Monster Bucks

When it comes to the 24 hour clock of deer behavior, deer feeding times create and define deer movement, and bedding cover defines daytime reclusiveness.

fall food plot

Fall Food Plot Rotation Strategy

Are you looking for a great food plot rotation that can not only offer a high quality food source for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, but to work as an outstanding soil builder as well?

food plot blend

Late Summer Food Plot Blend For Monsters

Whether your goal is to hold onto a mature monster that you have on your land right now, or to attract him once the big boys start to shift to their Fall habitat in a month or two...

recover from food plot failures

How To Recover From Food Plot Failures

Just prior to the excitement of deer season openers across the country, another annual event rears its ugly head: Food Plot Failure Season. Have you ever experienced it?

food plots

Food Plots: Critical Evening Deer Feeding Pattern

Have you ever asked yourself when the deer should actually feed the most on your food plots? Deer feeding patterns happen each and every day, in varying degrees.

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How Many Acres Of Food Plot Should I Plant?

The answer to that question varies greatly from region to region, and there is absolutely no set % that will work for more than just a fraction of all whitetail parcels.

food plot tips

Critical Food Plot Tips For Hunting Health

What could possibly be the greatest food plot tip of all, as it relates to the potential of your hunting land? That daytime food plot use is critical to your hunting and herd success!

food plot mix

2015 Best Food Plot Mix

Do you have a best food plot mix, or combination of food plot mixes? Personally, my favorite mixes are always evolving.

food plot attraction

Long Distance Food Plot Attraction Guide

Is the level of food plot attraction on your land, strategically positioned to capture mature buck movement from well past your parcel borders?

food plot screens

Best Food Plot Screens

Let's face it, the value of a food plot's level of daytime attraction is directly related to how well that you hide the deer within, from your hunting access. But the choices for hiding feeding deer are many, and often confusing, so which is the best food plot screen for you?

hunting food plots

Hunting Food Plots: Where to Plant?

Ok folks, let's be honest; how many of you have decided which seed you are going to plant in your next hunting food plot, without knowing exactly where you were going to plant first?