Food Plots

creating a food plot

3 Spots To Avoid Creating A Food Plot In

Just because it is green and pretty, doesn't mean that it is a great spot to create a food plot. While the temptation may be strong, here are 3 classic food plot locations to avoid, so that you can keep from creating chaos in your herd and hunting strategy this Fall.

hidden food plots

Hidden Food Plot System

Can you find the Redneck blind that is hidden next to this food plot system? There are 3 food plots, several Switchgrass pockets, Egyptian Wheat plantings, 2 mock scrapes and 1 waterhole. This hidden food plot system is tucked within a 15 acre valley, and allows for a complely non-invasive hunt.

2017 best food plot

Best 2017 Food Plot Mix

The hottest food plot mix for you in 2017 is impossible to narrow down to any 1 particular blend. In fact, this year I am using 3 blends that combine to create my latest mixes. For over 2 decades my best food plots mixes have had two goals: Season long attraction and forage diversity. 2017 is no different!

hide food plots

3 Reasons To Hide Your Food Plots

Do you hide your food plots as much as you do your most secluded bedding areas? You should, because unhidden food plots can equal disaster on parcels of 1000 acres or less.

food plot acreage

Necessary Base Food Plot Acreage Strategy

Every private parcel has a necessary base amount of food plot acreage that should be the foundation of their entire planting strategy. The amount of forage needed on your land, is the total volume of food that you need, to attract the attention of the local deer herd during the entire hunting season.

food plot planting methods

3 Highly Efficient Food Plot Planting Methods

How many of us could use a little more time in our schedules? I know I can and the process of planting my food plots is no exception! Here are my 3 favorite food plot planting methods for not only saving time, but for creating beautiful, highly efficient fields of green. Have you ever tried planting by no til?

food plot tips

10 Advanced Food Plot Tips for Quality Deer Herds

Food plot lovers beware, because if you are not following these 10 advanced food plot tips, your potential for creating quality deer herds and hunting opportunities may be doomed no matter how pretty and attractive your plots become.

food plot strategy for mature bucks

Critical Food Plot Strategy For Mature Bucks

You can't afford to miss this critical food plot strategy, if your desire is to create a habitat for mature bucks on small parcels. Believe it or not, often the more attractive a food plot is, the greater the potential for that plot to actually displace mature buck bedding opportunities on your land.

summer food plot

5 Summer Food Plot Strategy Questions You Need To Answer

Summer food plots of bountiful green are about as pretty as can be. The number of delicious forage combinations for lactating does, nursing fawns and velvet cladded bucks, are nearly endless. So all that you need to do is find the latest and greatest seed variety and plant your Summer food plots, right?

Wbd Ep 14

Late Season Food Plot Hunting For Giants WBDTV EP 14

There is nothing better than sitting over a late season food plot while piles of deer swarm in! However, is your late season hunting opportunity over your field of dreams, a bust before it even begins?

hunting season food plot planting

Hunting Season Food Plot Planting

Many hunters begin their annual food plot dreams with visions of fields of green on their land and monster bucks on their wall. However, many hunting season food plot plantings are destined for hunting season failure before the seeds begin to germinate.

food plot

Best Month To Plant A Food Plot?

The best month to plant a food plot is when you can catch some rain, right? If only it was that simple!