Food Plots

egyptian wheat plot screening

Egyptian Wheat Food Plot Screening

Of course Egyptian Wheat (EW) makes a great visual screen for your food plots, but how about a deer blind too? Actually, have you even heard of Egyptian Wheat?

food plots

New Whitetail Lease, New Food Plots

Switching to a new whitetail lease is another giant story I quite honestly just haven't felt like writing about at this point yet, lease, new food plots!

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Low Pressure Food Plots Equal Success

Treat the plots like a sanctuary and both doe and buck movements to that food source will be consistent and dependable. Spook the plot...and that same movement will be more random and inconsistent, to the point of maybe not even including those same bucks that would have otherwise related to a more low-stress movement.

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One Year Food Plot Program

10-12 years ago I was food plotting my remote wilderness property in the UP of MI quite heavily. The primary focus on the property was to offer the most food to the local deer population, for the longest amount of time, while at the same time completing the activities in an orderly rotational basis.

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No-Till Bean Plot For Whitetails

No disc, no tiller, no plow? No problem! Soybeans are an oustanding summer forage for deer and if there are beans still on the plants during a cold late November and December you can experience one of the most attractive food plots in the neighborhood.

layered food plots

Layered Food Plots for Whitetails

It looks like it is painted on the ground!", my lease partner described. Karl had just hunted the "Big Plot" and the surprise wasn't that he still saw several deer eating the forage, but instead that they were eating a crop of rye so short that it appeared to be painted onto a canvas of soil.

Sturgis Book Review

Food Plot Success By Design Review, by Mark Kenyon

"In short, this is one of the absolute best books on food plots Ive read yet, and if you already do or plan to use food plots on your hunting properties this is an absolute must-read."

food plot success by design

Food Plot Success By Design

"Food Plot Success By Design" is Here Now! Thank you for all of your recent purchases, 100s have been shipped out the door in just the first few weeks.

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Northwoods Whitetails

John had this to say about his new business, ” Over the years we have tried numerous seeds and feel we have chosen the best to go into our blends. We won’t use cheap seed or junk fillers to increase profits.

food plot success on poor soil

Whitetail Food Plot Success on Poor Soils

The year was 1999 and I couldn't wait! After a several weeks of planning, the day finally came to take a walk with a conservation forester on our recently acquired property.

food plots for small parcels

Progressive Food Plots for Small Parcels

These are practices I've used for several years with lots of success. In fact, the 3 sprayings and a planting have been going strong since 1999 with ZERO crop failures....

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Food Plot Patterns for Deer Habitat Designs

With good results or bad, food plot patterns can be created on your land. Back in 2005 I began coining the phrase, “Patterns of Use”