Food Plots

food plot location guide

Food Plot Location Guide

What are your personal food plot location strategies? As you all know, food plots come in all shapes, sizes, seed varieties and levels of quality. Is it the best food? The best soil? The best equipment?

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Food Plot Variety: The Need for Hunting Season Diversity

Do you have "Food Plot Variety"? In an effort to grow awareness for passing on young bucks to promote an older age structure of bucks, a phrase has been coined, "Dead bucks don't grow".

egyptian wheat screening

Egyptian Wheat Screen For Food Plots

Do you screen your food plots or deerstand access routes from the local deer herd? Your really should! If you have read my books or followed my writings you will read often, that I do not like making an improvement unless it can be hidden from your hunting season movements.

food plot location strategies

4 Advanced Food Plot Location Strategies

How do you think your food plot locations will do this season? Are you looking to improve the daytime attraction levels of your plots?

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Brassica Food Plot Forage Profile

Enough of the formalities of brassica food plot and why should you use them for your hunting and habitat efforts?

advanced food plot strategies

5 Advanced Food Plot Strategies of Risk and Reward

While driving south on I-75 from Clarkston, Michigan towards Detroit, the scenery quickly changed from pockets of mixed rural settings to full-blown urban developments. The miles of small suburban improvements, swamps, woodlots, and upland settings, filled with sumac, gray dogwood, and various conifers...

kill plot strategies

8 Effective Kill Plot Strategies for Whitetails

2006 was the pinnacle of my "farming" activities. With 30 food plots in three states totaling over 18 acres, you can imagine how critical I felt it was to offer a great balance of both food and cover when it came to designing a whitetail paradise.

food plot blends

Balanced Food Plot Blends For Small Parcels

What really is, the most accurate food plot blend for your area? As I travel around the country, and even experience my own past and present food plot plantings in various States and regions, something really jumps out at me:..

deer hunting plots

Deer Hunting Plots for Small Parcels

Throughout the years I've enjoyed getting to know a few mature bucks, as well as being able to be involved in hunting them.

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Winter Rye Layered Food Plot Progression

I am really excited to share the progression of my own personal layered plot plantings. "Yes", I do practice what I preach!

winter rye

The Power of Winter Rye for Whitetail Food Plots

When we purchased our Upper Peninsula of MI land in 1999, I promptly coordinated a visit with the local conservation forester. Have you folks ever done the same?

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Jumpstart Your Brassica Plots For Whitetails

Do you have any Rape, Turnips, Canola or Radishes growing on your land? Would you like to give your plantings a HUGE jumpstart of growth?