Food Plots

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Whitetail Kill Plots For Monster Bucks

Whitetail kill plots not only come in all shapes and sizes, but in many different levels of potential mature buck success. Whether they are called kill plots, harvest plots or hunting plots, it sure looks easy on TV!

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Best 2016 Food Plot Mix

The best 2016 food plot mix has to be a mix that you can count on to attract, hold and provide a high volume of quality nutrition for, during the entire entire hunting season. That mix should also give you the best opportunity to build and hunt a quality deer herd at the same time.

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Top 5 Food Plot Failures and Rewards

Each growing season, food plot failures rear their ugly heads in all shapes and sizes. Fields of beautiful bounty turn into fields of weeds, soil or both, and it happens at a much higher rate than one might think.

plant a food plot

Best Time to Plant a Food Plot

The end of July and early August is arguably the best time of the year to plant a food plot. Weeds will be dying, moisture will be on the increase and food plotting practitioners have plenty of months to prepare their next great food plot planting.

kill plot shape

Best Kill Plot Shape

What is the best kill plot shape that you can create for the ultimate hunt this year? Or for that matter, does the shape actually even matter?

no till food plot

Easy No Till Food Plot Methods

No matter how big or small your food plot program is, you can expect success with this proven no till food plot method.

Spring Food Plot Plantings

Are Spring Food Plot Plantings Right For You?

The lure of planting a Spring food plot is sensibly, very strong! Newborn fawns, lactating does and antler producing bucks, can all use a boost of forage provided by the growth of a warm season food plot on your land, right? Well, like most things..

food plot direction

Which Direction Do Your Food Plots Point?

Which Direction Do Your Food Plots Point? Food plots are much more than simply just a place to attract, hold and feed deer. The greatest influence that you can use your food plots for...

deer planting tip

Shooting Hours Deer Movement Planting Tip

Forage diversity is critical when it comes to creating shooting hours deer movement travel patterns, on your land. Are you surrounded by alfalfa?

soybeans for deer

Soybeans for Deer? Maybe, Maybe Not

Have any of you ever planted soybeans for deer? If so, your collective experiences of success and failure, will have been extremely varied.

november food plot

November Food Plot Gut Check

It is time for a November food plot gut check. November is a turning point for the majority of deer parcels across the North 1/2 of the country.

never hunt food plot

10 Reasons To Never Hunt A Food Plot

Wait, "Never Hunt a Food Plot"?!? But on TV it looks like the best way to kill a monster buck!