Food Plots

3 Highly Efficient Food Plot Planting Methods

*After planting by no-til every year since 1999, it has become my go-to method for planting food plots! Now, in 2017, you can imagine how fortunate I feel to be planting with the Genesis 3 no-til planter from RTP!

How many of us could use a little more time in our schedules? I know I can and the process of planting my food plots is no exception! Here are my 3 favorite food plot planting methods for not only saving time, but for creating beautiful, highly efficient fields of green.

food plot planting methods

Have you ever tried planting by no til? Nothing says highly effecient, high quality and time savings, like the benefits of no-til food plot planting methods! From the cost-minded and frugal to the "Cadillac" of no-til planting methods, here are my 3 favorite methods that can cover anyone's personal level of resources:

1. Spray 3 times, throw and grow planting methods

2. No-til low resource crop rotations

3. Planting with a true no-til food plot machine


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