Food Plots

2 Easy No Till Methods

2 Easy No Till Food Plot Methods

After nearly 2 decades of perfecting these 2 no till food plot planting methods you can bet that I not only recommended them, but that I have practiced them extensively with great success...

late season food plot

3 Best Ways To Hunt A Late Season Food Plots

While sitting in a box blind in the middle of a food plot may deliver a mature buck within the first couple of sits, it isn't the best way to hunt a late season food plot. Be very careful when hunting a food plot during the late season, because the preservation of the land, herd and hunt is at stake.

food plot sanctuary

Extreme Food Plot Sanctuary Power

Even more important than what's growing in your food plot, is if your food plot is considered a daylight food source or nocturnal food source, to the local deer herd. Your food plot should be considered as much a part of your core sanctuary, as your most remotely protected big buck bedding area. Is it?

annual food plots

The Extreme Power of Annual Food Plots

While one food plot option sounds good on paper, the other option is typically the only choice in the North 1/2 of the country, for annually building a quality herd and hunt. When you learn how to tap into the power of annual food plot plantings, you will perennially create the potential of high powered herd and hunting results.

2018 food plot

2018 Best Food Plot Blend

With a couple of new plots and a variety of food plot soil and weed conditions, I had to rely completely on my old faithful of food plot blends: 25 pounds per acre of late planted forage soybeans, 100 pounds per acre of forage peas, 25 pounds per acre of oats, 3 pounds per acre of tillage radish on one half, and then a 6 pounds

deer to food plots

Attracting Deer To Food Plots During Shooting Hours

There are 4 important steps to attracting deer to your food plots during the shooting hours, and not during the night. Non invasive hunting access, hunting pressure, daytime browse, consistent food plot forage attraction and secure habitat to and from your food plots for the local deer herd, are all necessary to make sure...

bucks with food plots

How To Hold Daylight Bucks With Food Plots

Food plots are critical for your private land parcel, for creating a highly defined daylight movement that represent the bottom of the afternoon buck movement funnel, on your own land. If that funnel is on your neighbor's land, the impact of any other habitat efforts on your own land will be severely hampered.

brassica strategies

Brassica Strategies for Whitetails

The brassica family of whitetail food plot forages may just be the most can't miss and important planting for your annual whitetail goals, every single season. They are also highly misunderstood. While brassica misunderstandings are many, you can still make sure that they are a fit on nearly any hunting parcel, this season.

food plots fail

Did Your Food Plots Fail This Deer Season?

Food plot success or failure is measured during the middle of the deer season. The hunting season is the only time when you can not only influence your hunt, but is really the only time of the year that you can improve sex ratios, protect young bucks and either raise or lower deer population numbers. Do your food plots fail?

late season food plot hunting

Critical Late Season Food Plot Hunting Tips

The 2nd 1/2 of the deer season can feature the perfect setup for hunting herded deer on high quality food plots. However, if you aren't extremely cautious when hunting your late season plots, your first hunt can easily turn into your last. How you hunt, is even more critical than the quality of your food plots!

food plot plantings

High Impact Food Plot Plantings

Perfectly created food plot plantings aren't really that perfect, if they are peaking at the wrong time of the year. It pays to take a brutally honest look at the true impact of your food plotting efforts because beautiful fields of green do not guarantee success for you or the local herd.

food plot hunting

Food Plot Hunting Strategies For Serious Hunters

Hunting a food plot incorrectly can make or break your entire season. If you are serious about keeping your land full of deer for the entire Fall, then these food plot hunting strategies are not an option, they are a necessity.