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Food Plot Location Guide

food plot location guide

What are your personal food plot location strategies? As you all know, food plots come in all shapes, sizes, seed varieties and levels of quality. Is it the best food? The best soil? The best equipment? Which factor is it, that really determines the ultimate success of your food plot as it relates to your personal hunting and herd management goals? Follow along as I discuss those factors below in this short video:

There are 5 important aspects that will determine your food plot success:

1. Location

2. The potential to create continued movement patterns from bedding to food

3. The ability for you while hunting, to not disturb your food plot locations during your access, or hunt.

4. Continued, adequate food supplies for the entire length of the hunting season

5. A safe, secure and hidden food plot location strategy that gives the deer a false impression, that they aren't being hunted

A food plot, when added to high quality daytime holding cover, can literally make or break your season! How can a food plot break your season? By not allowing the deer to continue a pattern of safe and secure daily movements from their daytime bedding areas, to their preferred evening food sources. However, if you allow and create those patterns to continue within an effective set of food plot location strategies, a food plot can be your #1 habitat tool.

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