Bowhunting Tactics

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Low Impact Stand Rotation - Whitetails By Design TV - Ep 06

As the season gets into full swing across the midwest, it can be very tempting to climb into your favorite stand night after night in hopes of tagging one of your hit listers, while lacking a quality stand rotation strategy. While many believe in the "You can't kill 'em from the couch" stigma, it is important to remember...

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Can't Miss Early Bowseason Weather Alert

​Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th are going to be a couple of outstanding days to spend a sit or two in your favorite early bowseason treestands! Across the upper Midwest unstable weather has recently been responsible for widespread flooding, as well as both extreme windy and rainy conditions.

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How To Accurately Shoot A Bow

Consistent and accurate archery shooting begins with unwavering form. Turning these 5 shooting tips into habits that repeat themselves without thought every time you draw your bow will ensure that your arrows form tight groups on target each time you head to the range.

treestand shooting tips

Treestand Shooting Tips For Mature Bucks

When the moment of bowhunting truth arrives, are you all set and ready to go in your treestand? Since the mid 80s, the treestand shooting tips I have picked up along the way have been experienced through a little heartache and a lot of consistenly positive reinforcement.

Bowhunting setup tip

#1 Bowhunting Setup Tip For This Season

I’ve got an important bowhunting setup tip for you that I have come to rely on for my last 3 new bows. But first, have you had that feeling this year?

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Treestand Exit Strategies

Like me, you may have tried a lot of treestand exit strategies in the past. From barking like a dog to howling like a coyote to even throwing my practice arrow into the field, I have tried many ways to keep deer from knowing that I had been lurking within harms way.

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Top 10 Deer Hunting Myths

It didn’t take too long to throw this list together and although some may appear blatantly obvious, others may require additional research for you to confirm. Whether these top 10 deer hunting myths were arrived at through my 30 years of deer hunting experience or through relevant quality research from various sources...

travel corridor treestand setups

Travel Corridor Treestand Setups For Deer

During the Summer months there is so much to do, that we often ignore that hanging stands in the heat with sweat dripping from our chins, may just be the #1 time for perfecting our treestand setups.

cold front hunting

Critical Weekend Cold Front Hunting Advice

*Even though rubs and scrapes are beginning to pop, the rut isn't here just yet!

archery grip

Relaxed Archery Grip

What is the single most important piece of archery shooting advice that you can practice for this bowseason?


Bowhunting Shooting Form

Are you ready for bow season? Lately I find myself shifting roles from coach to mentor to father for my two 13 year old boys...

treestand comfort

All Day Treestand Comfort

During the late 80s I began hanging treestands. I won't go through the incredible number of treestand manufactures that I have navigated through during the past decades...