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How To Accurately Shoot A Bow

Consistent and accurate archery shooting begins with unwavering form. Turning these 5 shooting tips into habits that repeat themselves without thought every time you draw your bow will ensure that your arrows form tight groups on target each time you head to the range.

1) Draw Length

Proper shooting starts with the proper equipment. Shooting the correct draw length is a critical building block to good Archery Form. Your draw length should allow for you to comfortably hold your bow at full draw with your feet shoulder width apart and your shoulders squared. Shooting a draw length that is too long, can result in a leaning awkward stance. Imagine your torso and shoulders forming a T when you are drawn, that is the ultimate goal.

accurately shoot bow

2) Bent Elbow

A slight bend in your elbow is necessary for several reasons. It reduces torque, tension, and the risk of string slap. The difference in draw lengths between a bent and straight or "locked" elbow is often around a half of an inch, so be sure to take that into consideration when determining your draw length.

3) Three Point Anchor System

A three point anchor system is critical for consistent shot placement. It ensures that you have locked in the crucial components used to direct your arrows path. I recommend and use the following three points.

1- Tip of your nose on your string.

2- Firm and consistent anchor point for your release

3- A peep sight to center your pins.

4) Relaxed Grip

A relaxed archery grip greatly reduces torque. Squeezing the grip of your bow can create vast inconsistencies in shot placement from left to right. Using a wrist strap can help build confidence in utilizing a relaxed archery grip.

accurately shoot bow

5) Surprise Release

This is a more difficult tip and tactic to employ. Trusting your instincts with a surprise release can be a hard habit to develop, but is definitely a significant component of consistent shooting. Relaxed, calm arrow releases yield much better shot placement. Take your time while you are at full draw, allow yourself to float your pin around the target and squeeze the trigger rather than jerk it. You will be surprised at how accurate and consistent your shooting becomes!


Consistency is key! Practicing and honing your shooting form to create a habit that takes place naturally each time you draw, will lead to tighter groups on target. Whether you're just picking up a bow for the first time, teaching a newcomer, or you're a seasoned vet, it is crucial to keep these tips in mind to ensure that your shooting form is up to par!


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