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Are you ready for bow season? Lately I find myself shifting roles from coach to mentor to father for my two 13 year old boys; all while attempting to teach them proper bowhunting shooting form. I believe that both of them are ready, and they are ready because we have done our best to stick to the 5 basics of shooting form.

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5 Basics of Bowhunting Shooting Form

Are you teaching a young shooter to attempt to take their first deer with a bow, or are you an experienced veteran in need of a little tune up? Try running down the list of these critical steps, for making sure that you are consistently on target this bow season.

shooting form

1. Body:

Your body should be straight to form a solid T with square shoulders, and a draw length short enough to allow for a noticeable bend at the elbow. There should be no backwards lean at the waste, which is a sure sign of not only future back problems, but a draw length that is too long.

2. 3 Point Anchor:

The reason many shoot so differently from a treestand is because they lack a solid anchor pint for adequate bowhunting shooting form.. A solid locking point at the jaw with your release hand, string touching the tip of your nose, and a light weight peep site will insure a consistent point of impact from any shooting angle.

3. Grip:

A loose, relaxed grip throughout the entire shot sequence will insure that the quality of your groups will be determined more by the amount that you shake, than the whims of the amount that you squeeze your bow at the moment. A wrist sling is critical, because if done correctly the bow should jump out of your hand and onto the floor without one.

shooting form

4. Floating Aim:

By letting your body relax and not trying to force a particular holding point, you can find great level of accuracy by floating over a small, point of impact until you create a calm release.

5. Release:

If your release takes place while allowing the first 4 basics of bowhunting shooting form to take place, then you will have mastered the release of the arrow. A calm, controlled and relaxed release is tough to achieve, but those that do will find their ultimate level of bowhunting accuracy.

shooting form

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I am not sure that a person could ever actually master the art of perfect bowhunting shooting form, but starting with the foundation if the basics is the perfect start. During the season opener I will be playing the mixed role of coach, mentor and father while sitting in the deer blind with Jake and Dante. It will be a great day in the woods! But, what I truly hope to witness is at least one of them practicing proper bowhunting shooting form on fat, early season whitetail!


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