Bowhunting Tactics

one sit buck tactics

One Sit Early Season Buck Tactics

A consistent pattern takes place each bow season that I have experienced you can erase, with some solid early season buck tactics.

cure target panic

How To Cure Target Panic

During the early 90s I desperately needed to learn exactly how to cure target panic! Following misses on Pope and Young Class whitetails in both 1992 and 1993...

archery shooting tips

Archery Shooting Tips: Shoot Like a Pro

Archery shooting tips, do you need them? Boy it seems like a loooong time ago, but in my "past life" I was a Factory Sponsored Pro 3D shooter for Mathews Archery. At some

phases of the rut

Bowhunting The Phases of the Rut

Shed hunting starts and ends, food plots are painfully established and maintained, and finally the bow season begins with the full anticipation of the approaching rut! But then something strange happens that you have most likely all experienced:

mathews archery no cam bow

Mathews Archery New No Cam Bow

After a trip to the Mathews factory in early November and a stop to see Anthony Schmidt at La Crosse Archery in La Crosse WI, my Mathews Archery new No Cam bow was ready to hit the woods!

all day sit for whitetails

When Should I Plan an All Day Sit for Whitetails?

How often do you plan on an all day sit for whitetails? From incredible hunts that ended during the last 1/2 hour of daylight, to "dark to dark" sits that have ended with zero deer sightings, I have experienced the entire spectrum from failure to success during an all day sit for whitetails.

tree stand rotation strategies

Whitetail Rut Tree Stand Rotation Strategies

It's HERE! Are you ready? The annual countdown of whitetail opportunity is winding down, and we are just about to enter the best time to hit your favorite treestand! This is the time of the year that I dream about During the late Winter...

10 second bowhunting

10 Second Bowhunting Rule for Big Bucks

There is nothing more that jumpstarts your heart than the sound of an approaching monster in the woods. The sharp crack of a stick, the slow push of a grunt, and the rapid, leaf-filled movements of rutting whitetails can create a momentary panic in the treestand.


DIY Public Land Archery Tactics

Are you hitting the woods in search of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) public land archery monarch this fall? I am, and I can't wait!

Wpid Screenshot 2014 09 19 13 34 44 1

Early Season Cold Front Archery Alert!

This weekend features a great chance for both an early season mature buck opportunity, as well as an exercise in patience! This central WI forecast illustrates how the table is set for an outstanding opportunity to hunt Sunday evening, AFTER the cold front has passed through.

Wpid Img 2175

Consistent Early Season Whitetail Success

The rewards of experiencing consistent early season whitetail success takes a solid plan, dedication, a LOT of hard work and a good dose of personal hunting skill. At the same time, there is a bad side to a potential quick, surgical strike…

deer stand rotation strategies

Deer Stand Rotation Strategies

Do you have a favorite tree stand location? If your answer is like might respond "sure!" However, a thought I would like you to consider when you choose your next spot to sit in a tree this season, is this:...