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2012 WI Archery Buck

WI Archery Buck

This is the heaviest deer I have ever shot…a 220# bruiser I killed on Saturday morning, the first time hunting a stand after hanging it in late June. He is a mature beauty…complete with a missing right eye and 3″ scar. Did I mention that I love these October cold fronts…no matter when in October they occur? It was foggy at daybreak, 32 degrees and there was a good frost on my windshield. I was also full of hope when I went out that morning, because

I had seen mature bucks within 30 yards on my previous 4 sits by following the cold fronts…including MI as well!

I was hunting a long, thick and natural travel corridor between multiple bedding areas. This is a spot that is not productive during the early season but as soon as the pre-rut kicks in it is exactly the place I like to take a seat on a cold fall morning! I could see 2 scrapes from my stand, and it didn’t surprise me to hear this pig making a scrape and raking some trees about a 1/2 hour after first light. I was pretty excited to know that most likely a mature buck was near, and it didn’t surprise me when his big body was headed my way.

There was a steep hardwood face and rise to my south that was capturing my scent with the morning thermals, and to the opposite direction the slight bench gave way to a field of golden rod towards the inside hidden corner of an old horse pasture that extended up and over a ridge to the north. 3 cruising trails formed into 2 within 25 yards of my stand..and his travels followed the “script”, offering a 10 yard shot that I couldn’t resist. I believe he was so “jacked up” that he didn’t pay any attention to me drawing the bow as he walked to within 15 yards. My shot entered high in the lungs, and exited under the liver through white hair, with the arrow sticking a foot into the soil.

WI Archery Buck

He bolted about 80 yards into the horse pasture, spun like a top…and died, while the morning thermals carried the fog towards the blue sky above. The pictures show where he took his last breath.

All in all a great hunt…and the 8th buck of 3-5 years of age i had the pleasure of watching within 30 yards this short season. I only hope my luck continues into my OH public land archery hunt…and the MI and WI gun seasons that follow. There is still a lot of hunting left and I can’t wait!:)

I hope that you guys have been able to sit these October cold fronts…they have been some of the best that October has to offer and if you follow them…they will reward you

WI Archery Buck


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