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First Lite Clothing

First Lite Whitetail Announcement

I am very honored to announce that I have formed a new partnership with First Lite hunting clothing. I will represent the innovative whitetail line and I can't wait! Why did I switch?

Bad Buck Science

How To Fit A Lot Of Bucks On Small Parcels | Bad Buck Science

Small parcel deer management efforts can be destroyed if you attempt to apply bad buck science...

Food Plot Hunting

Why You Shouldn't Deer Hunt On Food Plots

Should you ever hunt deer on a food plot? Of course! Should you always hunt deer on a food plot? Absolutely not!

Mock Scrape

6 Off Season Mock Scrape Tips

Hands down, these are the most used and proven mock scrape tips that you can find online. If you are creating a mock scrape during this off season, let these tips be your guide to making sure that you do it right...

Habitat Management

#1 Ingredient For Deer Habitat Management

Without this deer habitat management applied to your deer hunting land, your will not even come close to your level of potential success...

Catch Trespassers

How To Catch A Trespasser

There are several ways to catch a hunting land trespasser and even if you don't actually catch them, there are ways that you can make sure that they know to never come back...

Waterhole Strategies

7 Critical Whitetail Waterhole Strategies

Whitetail waterholes can be buck magnets, especially during the rut!

Big Buck Bedding

#1 Big Buck Bedding Strategy For Small Parcels

This could be, the #1 buck bedding strategy for small parcels...

Bad Food Plot Seeds

5 Bad Food Plot Seeds

There are plenty of food plot seeds that you should rarely be planting on your land because they carry much more hype than hope...

Best Bow Release

Best Bowhunting Release

The best bowhunting release to use for hunting whitetails, may surpise you! Shooting a deer in the woods vs a target in an open field are two completely different archery practices...

Deer Travel Corridor

How To Create A Deer Travel Corridor

Creating a great deer travel corridor for big bucks takes much more than a chainsaw and a few deer hunting buddies...

Neglected Food Plot Timing

Most Neglected Food Plot Timing

When you plant food plots should match the timing of exactly when the deer need to feed the most...

Hands-on Hunting and Habitat Design

Creating the Optimal Whitetail Design

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