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Best Time To Check Trail Cams

check trail cam

I ask you to let this phrase sink in: Trail cams don't spook whitetails, hunters spook whitetails. Of course you have to be using a well positioned, hidden and low glo trail cam. However, once you have checked off the basics of trail cam setup, when you actually access to check your trail cams can make or break your season.

Low Impact Trail Cam Check Strategy

While you never hear of a treestand spooking deer, you often hear about trail cams spooking deer and I have experienced this is an unfair accusation. As long as your trail cam is Hidden and blends into the habitat, they really should not spook deer on their own. When you access to check your trail cams however, is where problems arise with trail cam activities spooking deer, and not the trail cams themselves.

check trail cam

Best Inn Season Trail Cam Access Time

The best time to access and check your trail cams during the season, is when you hunt. Because trail cams don't spook deer if set up properly, the vast majority of my trail cams are within bow range of one of my stand locations. So when do I check my trail cams? When I hunt!

By only checking your trail cams when you access a treestand to hunt, you don't add any extra pressure to your land. Mid morning afternoon ATV rides and trail cam hikes can add more hunting pressure to your land than when you hunt, so a great way to take any negative effect of your trail cam system out of the picture, is by taking the human impact our of your trail cam check activities.


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