Trail Cameras

2017 advanced trail cam

2017 Advanced Trail Cam Strategy Series

Would you like to get the most out of your trail cams? Then our WHS 2017 Advanced Trail Cam Series is for you! Since 1999 trail cams have not only played a huge role in my own whitetail efforts across several states, but for 100s of my clients as well. We live trail cameras and we bring that level of experience to you!

trail cam location

Maximizing Your Trail Cam Location Strategy

Where and how you place your trail cam can lead to random glimpses or a world of opportunity. This is how we use one trail cam to take a census of nearly every buck within the neighborhood! Are you getting the most out of your trail cam location strategy?

Wpid 2016 07 15 11 20 10 Jpg

Summer Trail Cam Warnings

Pictures of monster bucks, new born fawns and high expectations steadily grasp our inner whitetail emotions as the hot Summer days tick by. However, let the viewer beware, because Summer trail cam discoveries reveal that changes are on the horizon and those findings should arrive with several warning labels.

Hanging trail cameras to not spook deer

Hanging Trail Cameras To Not Spook Deer

Are you hanging trail cameras so that you have very little chance of spooking a wise old buck or doe? It really it isn't that hard to do!

daylight trail cam pic

Daylight Trail Cam Pic Check Up

A huge collection of annual trail cam pics of big bucks is a great start, but how many do you collect during the daylight? While a midnight pic lets you know that a wise old buck is living somewhere in your neighborhood, a daylight trail cam pic lets you know that he is living on or close to your land.

Trail cam survey

Trail Cam Survey For Savvy Hunters

Would you like to complete a trail cam survey on your land this hunting season, that actually works? Traditional science based methods involve placing X number of cameras on a corn pile on your land for every X number of acres, for up to 2 weeks of time, before the season even begins.

trail cam locations

Trail Cam Locations for Increasing Buck Pics

Are your trail cam locations setting you up to capture over 90% of the bucks within a 1/4 mile of your parcel borders? If not, I have experienced 3 proven strategies..

trail cam scouting

Scouting By Trail Cam For Single Buck Pics

Is scouting by trail cam the best way to scout for a mature buck? In my experience, it sure is! There are primarily 3 ways to scout, but nothing compares to a trail cam, and it isn't even close.


Should You Use a Trail Cam?

Should you use a trail cam? Well, I guess that depends if you want a more intimate look into mature buck behavior patterns, and to be able to predict which stand locations you should, or should not, be hunting.

Img 0142

Nocturnal Trail Cam Pics: How To Avoid

Nocturnal trail cam pics of giant bucks are hard to avoid; or are they?

trail cam placement

Trail Cam Placement For Buck ID

I have to admit, I am extremely fond of trail cameras. The amount of mature buck insight that can be gleaned from just a few weeks from 1 high quality trail cam placement, can provide more info than several seasons of hunting observations. But not all trail cam placements are created equal.

trail cam strategies

Top 10 Trail Cam Strategies

Can you find the trail cam in the above photo? That's a picture of one of my favorite trail cam strategies!