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2 Easy No Till Food Plot Methods

2 Easy No Till Methods

After nearly 2 decades of perfecting these 2 no till food plot planting methods you can bet that I not only recommended them, but that I have practiced them extensively with great success! Both of these no till methods were discussed in chapter 12 of my 2014 book, "Food Plot Success by Design". After originating and practicing both methods during the end of the 90s and early 2000s, either one can create incredible food plot opportunities for you, depending on your level of food plot planting resources. Whether you only have a back pack sprayer and a hand held broadcaster, or that you can step up to an ATV sprayer, hand held broadcaster and Packermaxx cultipacker, both methods are 10s of thousands cheaper than expensive tractor and drill combos. Even better yet? You can produce the same level of quality quality food plots that the big boys with the big toys can produce, without busting your bank account. Here is your complete guide to planting cheap and easy no till food plots...


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