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Bad Hunting Regulations

Bad Deer Hunting Regs Warning

These new deer hunting regs are as bad as they get!

Habitat Consultant

How To Become A Deer Habitat And Hunting Consultant

So you want to become a deer habitat consultant?

Attract More Bucks

Attract And Hold More Bucks On Small Parcels

Attracting and holding more bucks on your land becomes a whole lot easier when you understand how to collect dispersing yearling bucks...

Habitat And Hunting Design

8 Acre Deer Habitat And Hunting Design

While a large deer parcel design of 800 to 1000 acres or more, rarely relates to the experience level needed to create small deer parcel habitat, a quality small parcel design always relates to a large parcel...

Soybean Fail

#1 Food Plot Planting Fail

There are times where a soybean food plot planting can be Incredible...

Treestand Bowhunting

#1 Treestand Bowhunting Tip

Does your tree saddle or treestand allow you to bowhunt without spooking deer?

Shed Hunting Fails

Top 5 Shed Hunting Fails

If you want to find more shed antlers, make sure to avoid these top shed hunting blinders and fails...

Daylight Buck Movement

How To Create Daylight Buck Movement Habitat

Creating deer habitat for daylight buck movements can be accomplished on nearly every deer parcel of nearly any size, if you follow these bedding, food, hunting strategy and depth of cover practices...

Perfect Treestand Setup

Create The Perfect RUT Treestand Setup NOW

The perfect big buck rut hunting stand location has to have the right habitat ingredients of food, then doe bedding and then buck bedding...

Monoculture Habitat

Monoculture Deer Bedding Habitat Makeover

While great deer habitat comes in all shapes, sizes and diversity one thing is for certain - great deer habitat is NOT a monoculture of any kind...

Treestand Setups

Predatory Treestand Tips For Wary Bucks

To keep from spooking mature bucks from your treestand, a big ole wary buck can not smell you, hear you or see you move...

Food Plot Spot

Best Spot To Plant A Food Plot

The best spot to plant a food plot has a whole lot more to it than good soil...

Hands-on Hunting and Habitat Design

Creating the Optimal Whitetail Design

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