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Monoculture Deer Bedding Habitat Makeover

Monoculture Habitat

Habitat Diversity

While great deer habitat comes in all shapes, sizes and diversity one thing is for certain - great deer habitat is NOT a monoculture of any kind. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, and that can include even the best bedding base cover types of switchgrass, conifers and shrubs. However, if you love great deer habitat and great deer bedding areas, don't worry if you deer hunting land suffers from a lack of diversity. Here is how you can take your boring chunk of a monoculture wasteland, and explode it into a daytime mega bedding hotspot! Is your deer habitat and hunting land in need of a deer bedding area makeover? Then here is how to reach your whitetail herd and hunting goals by installing one of my original concepts of diversity pockets, to whatever variety of monoculture habitat that you currently have, on your deer land.


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