Mature Buck Strategies

Predatory Treestand Tips For Wary Bucks

Treestand Setups

Big Buck Treestand Setups

To keep from spooking mature bucks from your treestand, a big ole wary buck can not smell you, hear you or see you move. When it comes to seeing you or hearing you while on a treestand, most stand setups fail. How much noise can you get away with? None! How much movement can you get away with? Very, very little. When it comes to a truly mature buck, i have experienced that an extremely large % of hunters spook mature bucks by sound or movement, before they ever get a shot off. If your goal is to rarely -if ever- spook a mature buck from your treestand due to noise or movement, then you need to watch this video! The margin for error is incredibly tiny the older a buvk becomes. Many treestands or the hunters climbing into them, do not have what it takes to keep from spooking deer before the hunt for the oldest buck in the woods even begins - does yours?


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