Food Plots

Most Neglected Food Plot Timing

Neglected Food Plot Timing

Food Plot Timing

When you plant food plots should match the timing of exactly when the deer need to feed the most. The great aspect about hitting the needs of the deer the most, is that focus often directly coincides with when you need to plant food plots for herd building and hunting goals. When should you plant food plots? When your hunt and herd need it the most! If your goal is to build a great deer herd, create a great hunt AND meet the nutritional needs of the local deer herd, then you need to follow the advice in this video. There is a huge gapping hole in nutrition when deer need it the most, and most food plot plantings do not offer anything at the most neglected food plot timing of the year. Do your food plots hit this timing? If not it is easy to make sure that they do and here is how...


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