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6 Off Season Mock Scrape Tips

Mock Scrape

Off Season Mock Scrapes

Hands down, these are the most used and proven mock scrape tips that you can find online. If you are creating a mock scrape during this off season, let these tips be your guide to making sure that you do it right. Ribbons ropes and cables? No way! These aren't gimmick or expensive mock scrape tips so common online. These tips are the real mock scrape tips used by 100s of my clients and 10s of thousands of my readers and viewers across the country. Simply, these mock scrape tips work! Are you a deer hunter? Then you will love these mock scrape tips that every deer on your land can take advantage - as well as yourself!

1) Collect the Good Stuff

2) Replace if Needed

3) Height

4) Clear Brush

5) Rake

6) Trail Camera


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