Habitat and Herd Improvement

Nocturnal Deer Parcel

How To Fix A Nocturnal Deer Hunting Parcel

Nocturnal deer hunting parcels are everywhere; in fact they are the norm, not the exception...

Best Tree For Deer

Best Tree for Deer Hunting

The best tree to plant for deer may surprise because it isn't a glamorous hard or soft mast tree...

Design 40 Acre Deer Parcel

How to Design a 40 Acre Deer Hunting Parcel

The design and creation of a 40 acre deer parcel takes a lot more than just nice food plots, low value timber and quality cover plantings like switchgrass or shrubs...

Hunting Regs Cwd

New Deer Hunting REGS & CWD Rant

New deer regulations and CWD concerns reflect a shotgun approach for fears of disease and declining deer harvest reports...

Frost Seed Switchgrass

Best Time to Frost Seed Switchgrass For Deer

The best time to frost seed switchgrass is when soil temperatures drop below 56 degrees, which takes place sometime between mid September and late October in most locations...

Create Top Buck Parcels

10 Ways to Create Top Buck Hunting Parcels

Anyone can create exceptional deer hunting parcels that really stick out to the local buck herd...

Small Hunting Parcel

5 Big Bucks On 2 Small Deer Hunting Parcels

Yes, you can consistently shoot the oldest bucks in the neighborhood on small deer hunting parcels...

Habitat Setup

3 Best 10 Acre Habitat Setups

Here are 3 proven small acreage deer hunting and habitat setups for 10 to 40 acres or less...

Habitat Movement

#1 Deer Habitat Movement Anywhere

The best way to hunt deer is to narrow down their afternoon food source movement...

Doe Hunting Strategy

#1 Doe Hunting Strategy Hunts

Hunting does doesn't have to be a complicated strategy...

Habitat Mistakes

Top 5 Deer Habitat Mistakes

If your goal is to attract a great deer herd to your land, make sure to avoid these 5 common deer habitat improvement mistakes!

Find The Best Hunting Land

How to find the Best Hunting Land

Finding the best deer hunting land can be easy, if you follow these 3 simple rules...