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5 Big Bucks On 2 Small Deer Hunting Parcels

Small Hunting Parcel

Small Deer Hunting Parcels

Yes, you can consistently shoot the oldest bucks in the neighborhood on small deer hunting parcels. Bucks only move during daylight hours 200-400 yards the vast majority of the season. In big woods or wilderness parcels deer move more during daylight, and in huge ag regions they may move far less during the daylight. When you focus your deer habitat and hunting efforts on a small, daylight window of deer movement, you can turn a small deer hunting parcel into a daylight magnet of highly defined buck movement. By following the strategy in this video, you can see how my family consistently shoots the largest bucks in the neighborhood, even tho we hunting the smallest parcel in the neighborhood. Hidden, unpressured food sources combined with unpressured doe bedding areas provide the foundation for not only incredible deer hunting seasons on small parcels, but for building Incredible deer herds on small parcels. Here is an example of how to create the opportunity for consistently hunting big bucks on small deer parcels..


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