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How to Design a 40 Acre Deer Hunting Parcel

Design 40 Acre Deer Parcel

Design a 40 Acre Deer Parcel

The design and creation of a 40 acre deer parcel takes a lot more than just nice food plots, low value timber and quality cover plantings like switchgrass or shrubs. instead, if you are going to design and build a small deer parcel, you have to follow the key concepts of deer hunting parcels that I originated many years ago. Follow along as I take you thru the key strategies that took this 2013 40 acre client parcel from a zero to a 10, overnight. In fact if you design a parcel correctly it shouldn't take you years to create an incredible deer hunting land. In this case, Anthony's land began it's journey of success over the course of a few days, and was built to perfection over the course of a few years with huge, measurable gains along the way. If you own a small deer hunting parcel of a few hundred acres or less, let alone 40 acres or less, here are the tips that you need to turn your land into a giant deer hunting story of success.


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