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Find The Best Hunting Land

How to find the Best Hunting Land

Finding the best deer hunting land can be easy, if you follow these 3 simple rules...

Myscanthis Screening

Best And Worst Screening For Deer Hunting

Screening your access for deer hunting is critical to your success, but what is your best option?

late season food plot

3 Best Ways To Hunt A Late Season Food Plots

While sitting in a box blind in the middle of a food plot may deliver a mature buck within the first couple of sits, it isn't the best way to hunt a late season food plot. Be very careful when hunting a food plot during the late season, because the preservation of the land, herd and hunt is at stake.

mathews vertix review

2019 Mathews Vertix Field Review

This Mathews Vertix review was a hit on the range and during the 2018 whitetail rut. The 30" axle to axle Vertix with a 27" draw and Maxima Red arrows, is shooting over 270fps. There was no better way to review the new Vertix than in the field. Whether on the range or in the stand, the new Mathews did not disappoint!

2018 peak rut

2018 Peak Rut 10 Day Sit Alert - Don't Miss Out!

While the weather may look boring and drab for 10 days out, it really isn't! When factor in subtle weather changes combined with the Peak Rut, you can't afford to sit out. From October 31st thru November 9th, here is how to make sure that you can recognize the best days to be in the woods, during the 2018 rut.

whitetail rut hunting

Whitetail Rut Hunting and Habitat Strategies

Hunting the annual whitetail rut can be highly successful with effective scouting, stand setup and mature buck hunting practices. Once the setup of the whitetail rut has been completed, it is time to forecast the best days to hunt during the rut and then hit the woods! The bucks will be ready - will you?

whitetail rut begin

When Will The Whitetail Rut Begin

Understanding this simple rut timing strategy, can be a game changer of mature buck hunting success, for the rest of your life. When the rut actually begins on your land every single season, has been determined long ago. Here is when the rut begins, why it begins and how to hunt it.

nocturnal bucks

Nocturnal Bucks Are Daylight Bucks Somewhere

No buck is truly nocturnal, that's just a myth. Instead, understanding that nocturnal bucks are always daylight bucks somewhere, is key to a consistent level of mature buck success. If the bucks on your neighborhood are not walking around on your land during the daylight, there is probably much, much more to blame than the...

whitetail rut weather

The Annual Whitetail Rut Weather Rollercoaster

The annual whitetail rut rollercoaster of high value weather-induced hunting opportunities begins during the last 10 days of October, every single season - are your ready? There is a very easy way to make sure that you can attack the high value whitetail rut deerfronts, while maximizing your hunting time.

weekend sit details

Outstanding Weekend Sit Details - Time to Hunt!

When temperatures, extreme weather and high winds decline, it is time to hit a stand! The beauty of any great deerfront, is that these conditions have been in the forecast for a solid 10 days. When you combine a great weather forecast with the Pre Rut, it is time to climb into your favorite treestand! Here are the details...

2018 pre rut morning

2018 Pre Rut Morning Hunt Alert

This particular pre rut morning hunting opportunity has been barreling in for several days. While each day the forecast has been fluctuating between a 9 and 13 degree temperature drop, the morning to morning decrease over the weekend will be significant. Do not miss out on this significant Deerfront opportunity!

All Weather Whitetails

All Weather Whitetails Book

Forecast your next buck of a lifetime with the 4th book in the Whitetail Success by Design Series by Jeff Sturgis, All Weather Whitetails. Whether you are hunting in the rain, snow, high winds, high heat or during major temperature drops, the weather forecast can lead you to success and Jeff's new book reveals how!

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Creating the Optimal Whitetail Design

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