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2019 Mathews Vertix Field Review

mathews vertix review

This Mathews Vertix review was a hit on the range and during the 2018 whitetail rut. The 30" axle to axle Vertix with a 27" draw and Maxima Red arrows, is shooting over 270fps. There was no better way to review the new Vertix than in the field. Whether on the range or in the stand, the new Mathews did not disappoint!

*My new Mathews Vertix was so easy and comfortable to shoot, that I set it up and shot my first buck within 8 days. Check out more Vertix details at Mathews.coms!

Review of My Personal Mathews Vertix Specs

While the bow is 2 inches longer, the grip has significantly changed and the balance seems even better than the Triax (which is hard to believe), my personal Vertix setup hasn't changed too much from the Triax.

  • 63 Pound Draw Weight
  • 27" Draw Length
  • 6" Brace Height
  • 85% Let-Off
  • 378 Grain Arrow Weight
  • Estimated 280 fps-Based on exact pin gap of Triax that performed with the same specs and the same arrow at 279fps.
  • SITKA GearElevated II Camo
  • IntegrateMX Restby QAD
mathews vertix review

Mathews Vertix Review

Within an hour after the Verrix was set up, I had it dialed in for hunting. In fact, I had so much fun shooting it, that I had to force myself to quit because it was getting to dark to shoot. There are 5 initial thoughts about the Vertix:

1. Vertix Quietness

Reviewing the level of stealth and quietness for the Virtex is tough, because it is so dang quiet! Mathews claims it is quieter than the Triax and I have no reason to doubt them, however, both the Triax and the Vertix are in a league if their own when it comes to an entirely different level of stealth!

2. Vertix Engage Grip

For some of you seasoned target shooters, the Vertix Engage grip reminds me of the old, Shrewd Precision grip. Long, flat surface and narrow, although unlike the machined aluminum Shrewd grip, the new Vertix grip is rubberized and tacky. A great upgrade over grips of the past and I am a big fan of the new style!

3. Vertix Shootability Review

With a dead quiet thunk, a solid slow roll forward on the release with zero torque, and absolutely zero vibration, you can tell that an extremely high % of the total stored energy produced by the bow, goes straight to the arrow. The efficiency of the bow is complimented by a very easy draw force curve and pleasant aiming characteristics.

4. Vertix Accuracy Review

within just a few shots I had the site I had used in my Triax, already sighted in on the Vertix. Within a few dozen shots ifelt extremely confident enough to hunt with it and after a few days, the shootability of the bow, level of accuracy and comfort level if the bow, was the same as the Triax - or better!

5. Overall 2019 Vertix Shooting Fun Review

The Triax was easily my favorite hunting bow ever. However, the Vertix seems more forgiving, slightly easier to draw, has an outstanding grip, is better balanced for my shooting preferences and handles like I've been hunting with it for years in the woods. What's not to love? The Vertix was also a huge success during the early November rut as well!

mathews vertix review

2019 Vertix Field Review

After hunting with the Vertix for only a week, the bow felt like I had been hunting with it for years. When my 2018 WI Area buck gave me the opportunity for a shot, I completely forgot that I was using a bow that I had only owned for a week. Comfortable, accurate, quiet, stable, easy to draw, treestand friendly and fun to shoot, all translate into an incredible bow to take to your most sacred hunting grounds!

*Hunting with my Vertix in 2018 was an extremely easy and successful transition from my Triax, which completed the entire strategy for my 2018 WI archery buck, from Winter Scouting to the shot.


Whether the Vertix is Mathews' best hunting bow they have ever created will be revealed over the remaining months of the 2018 huntings season. However, my own personal Mathews Vertix review from the treestand, leaves me wanting to use the Vertix instead of my gun during the remaining days of the WI gun season! Easy to hold, fast, super quiet, stable, zero vibration, forgiving and pleasingly balanced all combine to create an exceptional - if not the best - hunting bow that Mathews has ever created. In fact, I may even set the Vertix up for shooting indoor dots this Winter. I can highly recommend you taking the Vertix for a test drive soon!


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