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Best And Worst Screening For Deer Hunting

Myscanthis Screening

Whitetail Screening Options

Screening your access for deer hunting is critical to your success, but what is your best option? There are many deer screening fads out there such as Miscanthus Giganteus, as well as food based screening blends, so let the deer habitat planter beware. If the deer can eat it, it isn't an effective screen. If it takes thousands of dollars and back breaking labor, it may not be the best choice. Also, while some screening varieties take many years to grow while offering long term solutions (pines, spruce, miscanthus), there are some high quality short term solutions (various grasses and sorghums) that can be an exceptional fit for this year!

From the worst screening plantings to the best, here are some screening options that flat out work, as well as others that can be a time and money waster.

For some of the best screening options, visit: Northwoods Whitetails Inc.


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