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Best Mock Scrape Scent for Bucks

mock scrape scent

The best mock scrape scent that you can use to attract bucks as well as does and fawns, may really surprise you! Why? Because every single season you are bombarded with cable, online and magazine ads that tell you otherwise. The best mock scrape scent for any deer let alone for bucks, is hard to argue with, because it has been probably used by deer for a lot longer than you or I have been alive.

*How do you make a mock scrape that actually works? Here is a very easy mock Scrape Recipe!

Natural Mock Scrape Scent

Sure, I pee into my scrapes when I start them out at times, but I often think that peeing into them isn't necessary, let alone using any other scent. Well, any other sent but a deer's natural scent that is applied by rubbing their preorbital glands onto the licking branch, or Licking Vine. Seriously, it is hard to imagine any other scent that can beat the accumulation of dozens of various doe, buck and fawn scent that gets applied to a licking branch! In fact, I think you could make a case that using an natural stent or even a natural scent in overpowering amounts, could actually cover up and diminish all of the natural mock scent that has been applied. In the scrape itself, all urine turns into ammonia within 15-20 minutes, but gland scent? I believe that gland scent on the surface a licking branch can remain intact and scentable for days or more. I have had such great luck relying on natural mock scrape scent that I have come to the conclusion that while there may be some magical potion, gel or dust out there that can work just as well, I can't imagine anything else working actually better than the natural gland scent that comes straight from the source - A DEER!

mock scrape scent

"Deer have seven major external scent glands, distributed throughout their bodies. These glands are the forehead glands (located on the forehead), the preorbital glands (located below the eyes), the nasal glands(located inside the nostrils), the interdigital glands (located between the toes), the preputial gland (located inside the foreskin of the deer's penis), the metatarsal glands (located outside of the hind legs), and the tarsal glands (located inside of the hind legs).[7] Though it is not their primary function, the salivary glands also function as scent glands. Deer rely heavily on these scent glands to communicate with other members of their species, and possibly even with members of other species. A deer may rub its preorbital gland (e.g., on a branch) purely for pleasure"

-Wikipedia...check it out!


Is there a best scent to use a mock scrape that is man-made? I don't know, because I haven't tested all of them and probably never will. However, I have tested natural deer gland scent for many years by default, and it is really hard to imagine anything else working any better than the accumulation of natural scent that has passed mother nature's test for 1000s of years, or more.


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