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Best Mock Scrape Ingredients

Mock scrape ingredients

Don't be fooled by low value imitations. These 4 mock scrape ingredients are all that you need to create high quality, fail-proof mature buck attractions.

1. Grape Vine Licking Branch

Most likely the best licking branch ingredient for a mock scrape of all time, is a hip-high grapevine.

Avoided the rotation for replacing a perfect created vine, with any variation of rope. I have personally experienced over 500 rope licking branches on a single parcel, not being used. In some cases they may be used, but the risk is not worth the reward.

2. Red Cedar Rub Post

A fresh-cut Red Cedar post in a buck travel route will attract heavy rubbing activity nearly every single time!

Cedar posts (white cedar too!) can often be purchased commercially, however make sure to never use posts that have been chemically treated.

Mock scrape ingredients

3. Oak Licking Branch Enhancement

What's the next best licking branch ingredient? Oak branches placed at chest level are heard to beat.

Oak branches can be jammed into a hole in a cedar post or even into a bored hole into a mature tree that is in a convenient location. Unlike a vine licking branch that should be located hip high, any type of branch should be located at chest high.

4. Urine For Scrape Scent

After 20 minutes to a 1/2 hour have passed, human urine is most likely the only ingredient that you need to start your new mock scrape.

Are you afraid to pee in the woods? You shouldnt be! Human urine breaks down to ammonia quickly, and after peeing on my own mock scrapes since the early 2000s, I can honestly report zero negative reactions by deer.


The best mock scrape ingredients are completely natural. Why imitate the best, when you can simply, use the best? 4x4 T posts, rope, steal cables and more - I've seen it all, many times over! What works the best? If a deer will touch it in any way, it has to be natural for it to be most effective.


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