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Easy Mock Scrape Recipe

easy mock scrapes

*This article was first written in August, but check out how the scrape has been working recently! This is 1 buck out of roughly a dozen, that have used this scrape just during the past week.

Would you like to build an easy mock scrape? For about 15 years I have been creating highly effective mock scrapes by using mostly natural materials. This morning I created another mock scrape, and it was so simple yet will be such a huge success, that I wanted to make sure that I came right back to my tablet to share my recipe with you!

easy mock scrapes

*Within just a few days this easy mock scrape was already being visited by the resident doe family groups, and is well on its way to attracting every buck in the neighborhood this Fall.

Ingredients For Easy Mock Scrape:

*32 Ounces of Water
*1 3-6' section of 3/4" to 1.5" Vine
*2' of Nylon Rope

5 Steps To Your Easy Mock Scrape:

1. The first thing that I recommend that you do is drink the water before leaving the house...just gulp it down; more on this later!

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2. While driving into the woods I was able to find a vine to cut very quickly, and even found one with a solid, 90 degree bend on the end to use to tie too. The 90 degree bend even had a knot towards the tip, so that I didn't have to worry about notching the vine to keep it from slipping through the rope.

easy mock scrapes

3. I had already located a great spot to build a mock scrape, by making sure that I created a food plot wide enough to take advantage of an overhanging branch that was about 10' off the ground. Also, a forked heavy brush food plot mature buck entrance complete with a history of rubbing activity, is located within 10' nearby, as well as 2 potential trail cam trees.

"Less is more" in most things, and mock scrapes are no exception. While a mock scrape will rarely (if ever) attract more bucks to your land, a mock scrape certainly directs buck traffic! My goal with any easy mock scrape creation is to identify locations that fit either of two strategies:

*Large, social area observation scrapes
*Scrapes intended for mature buck travel to funnel deer closer to treestands

If a mock scrape does not fit into either one of those two strategies, I do not create them. By saturating the area with random mock scrapes, you lower the level of attraction for each individual scrape. In the case of the location I chose today, I wanted to make sure that every single buck that walks through my entire valley of food plots, visits this one scrape. There will be other random natural scrapes and of course I leave those, but I have created this to be the biggest and best scrape in the area, so that I can observe a high % of all the bucks on the land. I can also easily access this mock scrape though a ditch system with a very low probability of spooking deer during the middle of the day, and I suggest that you do the same.

4. By using a step ladder to reach an overhanging branch, or a Habitat Hook to pull the branch to you, you can then tie the end of the vine to the branch to make sure that it is positioned at a height between belly and chest high from the ground. If a handy knot is not available in your vine, than simply notch the end so that you can tie around the vine to hold it securely to the branch.

easy mock scrapes

5. After your vine is securely fastened to the overhanging branch, you can complete your easy mock scrape by using a garden rake to create a slightly saucered area of firm, exposed soil that is 3-4' in diameter. When I finished hanging the vine on my mock scrape this morning, I used the end of my saw blade to create the "scrape" by cutting through the soil and removing any and all woody debrish. I would have preferred to use a garden rake, but I have to admit; I forgot it.

Optional Mock Scrape Step:

The final step is purely optional, but by not going into any more description if you drank the entire amount of water before you left home, it may be time for you to add one last ingredient. Just don't forget to turn the trail cam off!

I have started dozens of scrapes by using these steps, or at the very least cleaning up the underside of overhanging branches to expose a single licking branch roughly 4' off the ground, and in a convenient location. However, using a vine is very hard to beat and over the years has not only been the #1 choice for my mock scrapes by mature bucks, but for natural and randomly occurring scrapes as well.

easy mock scrapes

*Can't get enough about building easy mock scrapes for enhancing the potential of your mature buck hunting success? Then make sure that you do not miss these 3 advanced mock scrape strategy articles:
*"How To Make A Mock Scrape"
*"Mock Scrape Strategies: Creating Buck Movement"
*"Buck Scrapes: To Pee or Not To Pee"


Do you have a great spot to either define buck travel or offer a great observation point for large social areas? Then I encourage you to try these 5 simple steps for building an easy mock scrape. Also, don't forget to share the buck pictures!


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