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Fall Small Parcels For Monster Bucks

small parcels monster bucks

Creating mature buck parcels during the Summer is tough! Why? Because whitetails gravitate to huge warm season food sources during the Summer months. But if you are a serious hunter you are in luck, because creating a Fall Small parcel for monster bucks is a whole lot easier.

On October 12th 2016 I was blessed to be able to pass on a 5 year old buck, in 30 acres of woods. While passing on 4 year olds in the past, this was my very first 5 year old to give the red light to. However, not only did I pass him during an outstanding October lull cold front, but I expected to.

Small Parcel Mega Buck Details For Fall

With all of the gadgets, contraptions and gear that is available to you for hunting whitetails, one would think the prospect of targeting mature bucks on small parcels would be a daunting task. However in my experience it is isn't and here are 5 reasons why:

1. A huge majority of hunters hunt the same way

Do hunters in your area drive ATVs in the woods, spoil bedding areas and hunt hard every weekend? Then don't do so yourself. Hunters can be the dominant predator but not if the deer know they are being hunted.

2. Very few Fall parcels (even large parcels) have unpressured cover

I challenge you to find 20 acres in your area that receives no hunter scent, no hunter sound and no hunter site. If you then combine that with quality unpressured cover and food...WOW, you will find huge success!

3. Quality Fall food sources are few and far between

As the Fall progresses food sources are being depleted. From ag fields to native browse to food plots, by the time November rolls around onky a small % of parcels offer quality Fall food.

4. Back to the basics

If you rely on scent free contraptions, the latest deer call and lures to deliver an annual mature buck, it may never happen. Wind direction, access and becoming familiar with the personality of your prey are all critical. Often the rest of it is just fluff to snag your hard earned dollars.

5. Hunting patience is key

Less is more when it comes to attracting mature bucks in the Fall. Letting a small parcel age like a fine wine during the hunting season is an incredible tactic! If a mature buck is on your land, choosing the perfect conditions of weather and time of season or day, will greatly increase your odds. Hunting more means lower value sits which means poor levels of hunting success.


The picture of the 5 year old buck above is a local buck that frequents a Summer hangout nearly a mile from one of the parcels that I hunt. However even on 30 acres I was able to pass on him within 10 yards on a hunt where I full expected to see him. Does it sound to good to be true? It isn't because by hunting differently than most, having great Fall food and cover as well as being patient and sticking to the basics, the table was set; even on a small parcel.

While I may not give him the pass again later in the year (I would be fully happy to harvest him in a few weeks after spending a little more time in the woods), I was blessed with a great buck experience by following those 5 small parcel tactics. A lot of hard work may be required but the formula itself is easy, for tuning tour favorite hunting grounds into a Fall magnet for mature bucks.


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