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    Bad Food Plot Seed

    #1 Worst Food Plot Seed

    The number of poor food plot seed blends are many, and one of the best way to spot a really bad one, is if there is 1 basic seed...

    No Till Food Plot

    2020 Ultimate No Till Food Plot Prep

    My Ultimate No Till food plot system begins with a weed free food plot seed bed before adding a layer of buckwheat at 50 pounds per acre...

    Frost Seeding

    How To Frost Seed Food Plots And Switchgrass

    When to frost seed, how to frost seed and why to frost seed clover, switchgrass and brassicas can be found in this video. Do you need to frost seed your food plots or grass plantings this year! then make sure to follow these decades proven frost seeding techniques...

    Bad Food Plot Seeds

    5 Bad Food Plot Seeds

    There are plenty of food plot seeds that you should rarely be planting on your land because they carry much more hype than hope...

    Field Conversion

    How to Explode Whitetail and Wildlife Populations | Old Field Conversion

    Are you tired of the many wildlife failures caused by in effective CRP and pheasant mix plantings?

    Frost Seed Switchgrass

    Best Time to Frost Seed Switchgrass For Deer

    The best time to frost seed switchgrass is when soil temperatures drop below 56 degrees, which takes place sometime between mid September and late October in most locations...

    2018 whitetail rut benefit

    Hunting the 2018 Rut - Benefit Event

    Would you like to learn how to plan for and hunt the 2018 Whitetail Rut, while raising money for a great cause? Then make sure to visit Lacrosse Archery on 10/17 from 7-9pm! Over $3000 in door prizes will be given away and 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Camp Kicking Bear.

    2018 food plot

    2018 Best Food Plot Blend

    With a couple of new plots and a variety of food plot soil and weed conditions, I had to rely completely on my old faithful of food plot blends: 25 pounds per acre of late planted forage soybeans, 100 pounds per acre of forage peas, 25 pounds per acre of oats, 3 pounds per acre of tillage radish on one half, and then a 6 pounds

    switchgrass deer screening

    Switchgrass Deer Screening Strategy

    Using a switchgrass deer screening strategy can not only save you time and money when compared to other whitetail screening plantings, but in the long run it may just offer the highest level of consistent success. By using the proper herbicides and either of two no-till planting methods, you can easily find consistent success.

    how to plant switchgrass

    How To Plant Switchgrass For Wildlife Cover

    Switchgrass is one of the easiest forms of wildlife cover to plant and if planted correctly, switchgrass can be fully established after only 2 Summers of growth! Learning how to plant switchgrass by either frost seeding or using a no till drill, will offer you 2 sure-fire ways to establish a deer and small game habitat magnet.

    how to attract whitetails

    How To Attract Whitetails To A Monoculture

    If you've ever wondered how to attract more whitetails to your land than you know what to do with, then make sure that you add habitat diversity pockets. By adding daytime browse you can easily turn conifer, switchgrass or shrub plantings into a high powered habitat attraction for whitetails, that is anything but a monoculture.

    whitetail habitat improvements

    Top 5 Off Season Whitetail Habitat Improvements

    While a food plot is likely the most powerful whitetail habitat improvement on the planet, these 5 off-season improvements are pretty darn good too! Waterholes, deer bedding areas, bowhunting travel corridors, mock scrapes and wildlife switchgrass plantings can be awesome additions to your favorite whitetail habitat.