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How to Explode Whitetail and Wildlife Populations | Old Field Conversion

Field Conversion

Field Conversion for Whitetails & Wildlife

Are you tired of the many wildlife failures caused by in effective CRP and pheasant mix plantings? Do you like bees, birds, pheasants, rabbits, butterflies and whitetails? Then creating high value diversity pockets within fields of solid switchgrass can explode wildlife populations to levels that are impossible thru traditional planting methods. This is another original concept of mine designed in the 2000s to not only increase year-round daytime deer bedding opportunity, but to take the potential of sustainable wildlife populations to new levels! Old field, fallow fields and ag fields can quickly and easily be converted to high powered, mega wildlife hotspots by following this technique. Are you ready to turn that old field of yours into the envy of the local whitetail and wildlife neighborhood in 2 growing seasons or less? Then you need to watch this about my tried and true technique, that will out grow, out compete, out diversify and out produce, any other old field wildlife planting method currently used today.


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