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Mock Scrapes For Bucks That Work

mock scrapes for bucks

Creating mocks scrapes for bucks that actually work, couldn't be any easier! Using a vine, a few feet of rope and a rake, you can make a mock scrape that works immediately, often and if located correctly, can easily define and strengthen your favorite line of deer movement.

Since the early 2000s I have been making mock scrapes to census the buck herd and to defined buck travel, with nothin more than branches, sticks and my own pee. In fact, 1/2 the time I don't even start a scrape by peeing in it and it works for attracting bucks right away - either way. I realize I may never be sponsored by a scent company because, I personally haven't experienced the need for juicing up my favorite mock scrape with the most recent flavor of the month. But so what? This method has worked so many years for me and it is so predictably easy, why would I bother adding any sprays, powders or pellets, when I can spend those resources elsewhere.

*Do you like what you see in the video? Then here is your complete guide for creating mock scrapes.

Fast, Efficient Mocks Scrapes That Work

After finding an area of flat, firm ground, add a 3/4" to 1" diameter, 4-6' vine tied to a tree, branch or rope that has been tied between two trees, and hang the vine so that the end oft he vine is about 3' off of the ground. I then rake the area under the vine to form a cleared location about 3' in diameter, and then I pee in it if I actually have to go. If not...not a big deal, if you locate the scrape within an intended line of deer movement, it will work quickly and most vines will last at least 3 years.

Branches Work "OK" But They Don't Work Long

Branche are OK, but in my experience it is hard to beat a hanging vine. In fact, as I continue to scout deer parcels for a living, the #1 naturally occuring mult-year scrapes have got to be vines. Branches eventually break, turn to a shattered pulp or just simply begin to hang so low -or grow to high- to continue working. Working on creating a mock scrape vine licking branch setup, is time well spent!

mock scrapes for bucks

*Branches for mock scrapes work ok, but are not reliable from season to season. A mock scrape that works to strenthen a buck movement for several seasons in a row without failure, is a great benefit to your overall mock scrape strategy.

Mock Scrapes Work Great For Deer Census

Corn piles and mineral licks are unreliable for attracting bucks, particularily if you hunt in high pressure states, on public land, or are taking a census at a time when is most critical for a small parcel: October. Traditional scientific deer census periods are during the late Summer, however, this is an unreliable pivot point in the whitetail world, that is not an appropriate timing, for parcels sizes below 1000 acres. Why? Because if you are highly successful at both your hunting and habitat strategies, then the deer herd on your land should be peaking in October and November. If your habitat and hunting strategies need some work then often, the number of deer that you will find during the late Summer, will be at their peak and declining. Once you fit your census into the right timefram of mid to late October, a mock scrape works extremely well for gathering intel on the local buck herd.


Getting a mock scrape to work for you quickly, often and for several years to come, takes nothing more than a solid vine, a rake and some rope. Whether you are defining the buck movement, hoping to place a stand nearby or taking a buck census, a well-built mock scrape is an efficient choice for your deer managmenet and hunting efforts!


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