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#1 Early Season Whitetail Opportunity

early season whitetail

What is the most important aspect of tommorow's highly anticipated, nearly perfect whitetail weather forecast? It is now the PERFECT day to hit the woods and here are the reasons why!

#1 Early Season Whitetail Opportunity Details

It doesn't matter if prefer to call it "harvesting" or "killing", but there are going to be a lot of dead bucks after Friday and Saturday's hunts, around the Midwest. September 21st and 22nd are two of the best early season deer hunting days that I have forecasted, and I have been watching the weather and planning my hunts for decades. There are several details that have turned this near-perfect opportunity into a PERFECT opportunity to kill a mature buck! Here are the details that can't be ignored:

1. A 29 degree temp drop from Monday to Friday

2. A 24 degree temp drop from Thursday to Friday

3. An 18 degree temperature drop from Friday morning to Saturday morning

4. 3 days of high winds, thunderstorms and several inches of rain

5. Drastically rising barometric pressure and rapidly dropping temperatures

 early season whitetail

Your Own Early Season Deer Hunt Timing

This forecast is for Melrose WI so you can bet that Friday evening is going to be the #1 early season whitetail opportunity of the entire year. If you are hunting Michigan's youth hunt the perfect day to hit the woods is Saturday. These conditions will spread from West to East, so just make sure that you check out your own forecast (I prefer the non-app version or desktop version of When you see temperatures bottoming out, winds significantly decreased and a rising barometric pressure, don't hesitate - hit the woods! As far as deer forecasts go, they don't get any better than this for the early season.

early season whitetail

#1 Deer Hunting Forecast Weather Combo

"When Temps and Pressure meet, bucks will be on their feet! That bit of advice may just be the #1 piece of Deer Forecasting to consistently guide you to success, all season long! There are other variables that definitely make a difference -in particular the wind- however, if you can just remember that quote, you are most of the way towards forecasting your own level of whitetail success!

early season whitetail

*Similar forecasted early season conditions led to the death of the Bauman should really check out Nick's Story!


Folks, I strongly urge you not to miss this day because it does not get any better than this! Of course it's my anniversary so a guy's got to have priorities, but I Can't Wait to hear your stories so make sure to please share them, and good luck!


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